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American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) | Health Benefits of American Ginseng (Rhodiola) / 

Many people associate Ginseng with regions in Asia, but there are actually several types of Ginseng and a few of them grow in other areas of the world. Panax quinquefolius, also known as American Ginseng, has actually been enjoyed by Native North Americans for centuries as a way to support energy, fertility, and digestion. The long, solid track record has prompted many people to add a Ginseng supplement to their diet.

The root of the American wild Ginseng plant looks like a forked parsnip. It grows wild in Eastern and Central U.S., especially the Appalachian and Ozark mountains. A member of the Ivy family, American Ginseng roots are available whole as well as in supplement and tea forms. It  is a root used in herbal medicine. Both Native American Healers, Korean Traditional Herbal Medications and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have utilized it. Research suggests it may boost energy, stimulate the immune system, and lower blood sugars.

American and Asian Ginseng both contain compounds called ginsenosides, so their effects may be similar. However, every herb variety is unique. Information about one doesn't necessarily apply to another. Both coming from the same family plant member, with similar chemical properties and function, they are also considered as adaptogens, it is helps your body to reduce your stress. You might choose one of them as your favorite without any dissimilar effect.

American Ginseng, also known as Panax quinquefolius, is a herbal adaptogen that is well known for its numerous health benefits. Research has discovered that this herb may support blood sugar, heart health, and inflammation reduction. It may even help with tumor prevention. Potent chemicals deep within the root of the plant are responsible for its therapeutic benefits. Polysaccharide glycans and ginsenosides are arguably the most important. They're two special nutrients that kickstart the energy boost for which ginseng is best known. American Ginseng works by effecting your energy metabolism in muscle to work longer before getting fatigue. It is also affecting your neural system to stay calm and in their relax mode. People might feeling energetic but also at the same time feeling more at ease. Increase focus and concentration.

Ginseng is a popular herb that has been used in North America for hundreds of years. Studies have shown it may help to improve the functions of the nervous, cardiovascular, and immune systems. Some research suggests this root could help treat: fatigue, poor mental function, diabetes, and respiratory infections like the sneezing, cold, cough and flu. Ginseng also well know as one of plants that can increase human’s appetite and improve gastro-intestinal system (one of the most excited fact to know about the product that enhance human’s digestive system. American Ginseng also well claimed can cure many diseases like anemia, insomnia, fever, erection dysfunction, cancer, joint pain, head ache, loss of memory, and even human immuno deficiency virus or AIDS. The overall evidence for American Ginseng's potential health benefits is limited. However, the available pool of research is growing. Human trials are in the earliest stages. They'll reveal more about American ginseng's safety and effectiveness.

People commonly know that Ginseng formed mostly by minerals. However, don’t you know that this kind of herbal roots plant also contains the other beneficial substances for health? According to World Population Food, every 120 grams of American ginseng contains: 456 calories, 5 grams of total fat, 1 gram of saturated fat, 17 mg of sodium, 90 grams of total carbs, 30 grams of sugars and 14 grams of protein. Based on the fact that American Ginseng has a lot of beneficial substances in it, we should believe that it has many benefits for health.

Neurological Health:

Daytime Fatigue:

Preliminary research suggests American Ginseng may fight fatigue. This statement is reinforced by a study conducted by scientists in the UK against nurses who feel tired.

A 2018 review of studies said American and Asian Ginseng may be viable for treating fatigue from chronic illness. The study said it appeared to improve cancer-related fatigue and without side effects. Researchers added that there's a critical need for more and stronger trials. The researchers called for more research into this treatment.

Increases Energy:

American Ginseng works by effecting your energy metabolism in muscle to work longer before getting fatigue. It is also effecting your neural system to stay calm and in their relax mode. People might feels energetic but also at the same time feeling more at ease. American Ginseng influences energy metabolism by helping muscles work longer before becoming fatigued. The effect is enhanced by the plant's calming action. Many people have described it as feeling more energetic while simultaneously feeling more at ease; almost like a ready focus.

A study gave 364 cancer survivors experiencing fatigue 2000 mg of American Ginseng or a placebo. After 8 weeks, those in the Ginseng group had significantly lower fatigue levels than those in the placebo group.

Increases Stamina:

Ginseng has long been used as a popular herb for athletes. Therefore, this Ginseng can increase body stamina. This is because of the role of adaptogen content in American ginseng.

Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD):

Based on a study that has been done, consuming American Ginseng can help treat ADHD. Including it symptoms such as emotional stress, cognitive disease and conditions. Another use of American ginseng for neurological systems is that it can helps you to reduce the probability of Alzheimer and memory problems such as long and short memory losing. It is also relieving stress and fatigue and improves your learning abilities.

A study on children and adolescents emphasize a dose of 200 mg of American Ginseng for results against ADHD, specifically to improve attention levels. However, it did not improve the severity of ADHD or provide any permanent or long-term result to that effect.

Psychological Benefits:


American Ginseng can influence human nervous system in so many ways, one of them is stimulate metabolism and enhance the level of energy. Both of them can contribute in order to lowering the level of stress and anxiety inside human’s body. Adaptogene substance inside Ginseng can disturb the level of hormone that produced by body while someone get stress. As Ginseng can decrease stress hormone, it will help to contribute to create a better feeling inside our heart. American Ginseng has anti-depressant and anti-anxiety properties that are good for mental health in health benefits of watching horror movies. This is influenced by the content of ginsenosides present in Ginseng. The content increases alertness and mental clarity in a person.

A 2007 animal study published by Wei et al. found that American Ginseng was superior to the benzodiazepine Diazepam in reducing stress and anxiety.

Mental Health:

Evidence is growing that American ginseng can improve mental function. Some studies noted improved mental function after just a single dose of American Ginseng.

Improves Cognitive Function:

A health benefit of American Ginseng is it can enhance the ability in learning process and cognitive function.

A study published by The Cochrane Library show that American Ginseng have so much health benefits for cognitive, behavior, and quality of live. If Ginseng given for kids, it well proven that Ginseng can increase the ability of children to pay attention and focus that will be beneficial for their learning process during their school ages.

A 2019 review of research said that American Ginseng appears to enhance cognitive function and alertness.

Sharpens Memory:

A 2020 study demonstrated more activity in some brain regions during processes using working memory, called also short-term memory.

A 2019 study said that American Ginseng plus whole coffee fruit extract and Bacopa monniera appeared to increase working memory.

Another 2015 study showed an increase in working memory in middle-aged people.

A 2010 human clinical trial published by Scholey et al. found that participants who took American Ginseng extract showed improved working memory, reaction time, and calmness.

Focus and Concentration:

American Ginseng works by its potent chemicals within the roots of the plant is responsible for therapeutic benefits. Polysaccharide glycan or another fraction of sugar that can be absorb in our blood. It is helps to store energy and maintain your cell structures.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Diseases:

The other benefit is that American Ginseng can act as anti oxidant that can fight against free radical that can destroy some cells inside the brain. So, it can prevent dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive disorders.

A 2016 animal study published by Shin et al. showed that American Ginseng extract helped to improve learning and memory function in mice with Alzheimer-like syndrome.


American Ginseng has well proven can lowering the number of blood glucose. This is a natural way to control extra absorption of glucose and it make body going to be well protected from immediate raising of blood glucose. Maintaining normal blood sugar levels is important for managing and preventing diabetes.

Both American and Korean Ginseng has been shown to decrease insulin resistance, making ginseng tea good for regulating blood sugar levels. According to the book "Prescription For Herbal Healing" by Phyllis A. Balch, Ginseng tea can reduce insulin requirements and prolong the effects of injected insulin. According to the book, the drink may help people suffering from Type-2 diabetes. According to numerous studies, the effects of American Ginseng offer significant help for Type 2 diabetics.

One study proved that American Ginseng actually improved insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients.

In another study, diabetics were given a daily intake of 6 grams of American Ginseng for 12 weeks along with their regular treatment. As a result, the subjects had a 39% increase in insulin sensitivity when taking the ginseng supplement.

Healthy people taking 3-9 g American Ginseng improved sugar clearance from the blood. In a study with 13 people, 3 g American Ginseng improved post-meal sugar levels. 200 or 400 mg of a Ginseng supplement, it improved glucose levels in a trial of 30 people.

In a study on 36 people, non-insulin dependent diabetics given 100 or 200 mg of American Ginseng had lower fasting blood sugar levels. The 200-mg treatment improved HbA1c.

Randomized, controlled trials done in 2019 and 2020, studies where participants were assigned to either a real or fake treatment group by chance, said American Ginseng improved: blood sugar control (fasting and A1C), diabetes-related high blood pressure, and diabetes-related heart-disease risk. Ongoing research is looking at American Ginseng use in treating pre-diabetes as well.

A 2005 research that published through American Journal of Chinese Medicine show that American Ginseng can cure diabetic.

But, please discuss this decision with professional doctor as this Ginseng is not highly recommended for people who consume anti diabetic drug.

Blood Sugar:

American Ginseng boosts carbohydrate tolerance in diabetics. This treatment is more accurately used for patients with a history of diabetes in diabetes treatments. It is beneficial in lowering your blood sugar. Because diabetic patient might be banned from eating carbohydrate food such as rice and bread. It is quiet stressful and uncomfortable. Eating or drinking American Ginseng will helps your body to increase your maximum carbohydrate tolerance for you to eats any kind of dishes without any worry.

A study found that eating 2 grams of American Ginseng 2 hours before meals can lower blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, the study also found that American Ginseng can prevent complications caused by high blood sugar levels.

Another study showed that American ginseng helped improve blood sugar levels in 10 healthy people after they performed a sugary drink test.

A 2018 study found adding American Ginseng to diabetes treatments helped keep blood sugars in line.

An in vitro test tube study published in 2017 by Kan et al. found that American Ginseng increased glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity, which in turn may reduce blood sugar levels.

This was further proved out by in vitro research that showed that American Ginseng berry extract has antioxidant properties by Lin et al, in 2008.

An animal study published by Fu & Ji, in 2003 found that American Ginseng consumption worked to reduce oxidative stress in mice. This antioxidant effect is thought to be one of the mechanisms by which Ginseng works to support healthy blood sugar levels.

A 2000 human clinical trial published by Vuksan et al, showed that American Ginseng taken with a meal helped to reduce blood sugar spikes by 20% in both no-diabetic and diabetic patients.

Cancer - Treatment and Prevention:

Another benefit of American Ginseng is to inhibit cancer growth in benefits of aromatherapy for cancer patients. American Ginseng inhibits tumor growth inside your body. It has anti cancer properties to prevent any anomaly cell growth. Especially for gastric cancer by stopping the tumor cells growth. American Ginseng also can be used as breast cancer fighter. Ginseng contains anti oxidant that can fight against free radical inside human’s body, so it possibly can protect human can the risk o get cancer. Ginsenosida also can act as anti tumor. consuming Ginseng can decrease the level of colon rectal cancer metastasis.

There are a number of in vitro and animal-based studies that show promise for Ginseng and cancer, especially for colorectal cancer. A study shows that American Ginseng can inhibit the growth of cancer cells because it has high anti-cancer properties.

Ginsenoside Rh2 is one of the main compounds found in Ginseng root. This phytochemical has been found to exert a strong anti-tumor effect on colorectal cancer HCT116 cell line, published by Yang et al. in 2016.

A 2013 human clinical trial published by Barton et al. showed that patients with cancer-related fatigue who took Ginseng had improved energy levels. Several preclinical trials may partly explain this effect as Ginseng can work to down-regulate inflammatory pathways, decrease inflammation, and modulate cortisol levels in experimental animals and cell cultures.

Supports Cardiovascular Health - Heart Health:

An animal study published by Jiang et al. in 2017 showed that American Ginseng helped to reduce the force at which the heart had to work, while at the same time maintaining the same blood pressure.

Another 2014 study published by Jian et al. observed that a single dose of Ginseng extract depressed the cardiac contractile function in rats, resulting in a reduced heart rate maintained for the following 24 hours.

Cholesterol Levels:

The content of ginsenosides present in American Ginseng not only can reduce stress. But it is also used as a medicine to lower cholesterol. This is reinforced by a study that has been done.

Men's Health:

Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a type of sexual dysfunction characterized from inability of a man by developing or maintaining his erection of the penis during sexual activity. American Ginseng is used as cures of erectile dysfunction. It is stimulate your senses of sexual desire and prolong your long, lasting ability in sex.

Women's Health:

Menstrual Discomfort:

Ginseng tea’s most notable health benefit is its ability to minimize the effects of menstrual distress. American Ginseng tea is an effective herbal remedy for menstrual cramps and is recommended by many herbalists. In addition to this, Ginseng tea also helps in reducing stomach pain caused during menstruation. Tt may be recommended for women who suffer from menstrual cramps and distress. The cooling effects of Ginseng tea are why it is considered so effective for minimizing problems associated with menstruation. So, if you are suffering from menstruation-related issues, then it is a good idea for you to try Ginseng tea.


Menopause symptoms can be described as a mood swing, anxiety depressive, vaginal dryness, decreased in sex drive. Another symptoms such as insomnia weight gain and thinning in hair. American ginseng not only good for men’s fertility, it is also benefits for women in relieving their menopause symptoms.

Boosts Immune System:

The improvement of cell function is related in boosting your immune system. Immune system characteristics health benefits for our health is that, it is the best defense for resist and fight disease and infection. American Ginseng can be used as fever cure also for its symptoms such as fu and cold. American Ginseng stimulates your immune system by increase the amount of white blood cells (leukocytes) in your blood. Some scientists believe that consuming American ginseng can boost human immunity in humans. It is very useful to help the body against infectious diseases and infections.

Beside Ginseng can act as anti oxidant, it also has special effect as anti inflammation. Inflammation effects on Ginseng maybe exist because there is ginsenosida substance inside this kind of plant. The substance has an effect to enhance human’s immunity system based on a research reported by Journal of Translation Medicine.

A 2012 study "Dietary supplementation with an extract of North American ginseng in adult and juvenile mice increases natural killer cells" published in Immunol Invest. by Sandra C Miller, Lianping Ti, Jacqueline Shan recently demonstrated that normal, pre-weaned infant mice, injected with a proprietary extract of Ginseng (CVT-E002) had augmented natural killer cell numbers vs. sham-injected mice. In the present study, we extended these observations into juvenile and adult mice. Thus, young adult (age: 8-9 wk) C3H mice were given daily dietary CVT-E002 for 4 wk followed by untreated chow for the following 2 months, then euthanized (age: 20-21 wk). Other C3H mice (juvenile: 4-wk-old) were given CVT-E002 under the same protocol and sampled at 18 wk of age. In spite of withdrawing the extract 2 months earlier, the absolute numbers of natural killer cells in the young adults, remained significantly (p < 0.01), and slightly, elevated in the spleen and bone marrow (BM), respectively. The relative numbers (%) of NK cells in the blood also remained elevated (p < 0.05). In juvenile mice fed CVT-E002, the absolute numbers (spleen, BM) and % (blood) of natural killer cells were all elevated (p<0.01 - p<0.05).

Another 2011 study "The Yin and Yang actions of North American ginseng root in modulating the immune function of macrophages" published in Chin Med. by Chike Godwin Azike, Paul Abrahams Charpentier, Jirui Hou, Hua Pei, Edmund Man King Lui about immuno-modulatory effects of Ginseng, including both immuno-stimulatory and immuno-suppressive effects, have been widely reported. This study aims to determine whether the paradoxical immuno-modulatory effect is related to unique phytochemical profiles of different North American Ginseng, namely aqueous and alcoholic extracts.

Respiratory Health:

Cold and Flu:

American Ginseng is a natural remedy for the common cold. May offer protection against viral respiratory tract infections, including influenza, flu-like illnesses.

American Ginseng preparations were shown to be effective in shortening the duration of colds or acute respiratory infections in healthy adults when taken preventatively for 8 to 16 weeks. In one study, Ginseng significantly shortened the duration of colds or acute respiratory infections by 6.2 days when compared to placebo.

In one study found that a person who consumes 200 mg of Ginseng daily for 3-4 months can prevent and treat flu and colds. Ginseng will also make the flu and cold become lighter when the disease comes. 

A 2020 analysis of research said American Ginseng might be helpful in preventing and treating seasonal respiratory infections. However, researchers said the evidence wasn't strong enough for firm conclusions.

Respiratory Tract Infections:

One of the benefit of American Ginseng is for respiratory infections like symptoms. American Ginseng extracts helped prevent respiratory tract infections in 3 clinical trials on almost 600 people.


Tuberculosis is a disease caused by bacteria called mycrobacterium tuberculosis that attacking the lung and damage another part of the body. It is spread through the air from another tuberculosis patient to everyone around its surrounding.

Treats Sleep Disorders:


Insomnia is characterized as difficulty in falling or staying asleep. The symptoms not only for its difficulty in sleeping but also when you have one or two or more time waking up often when you sleep. And having a trouble going back to sleep.

Kills Bacterial Infections:


Research shows that many of the different phytochemical compounds found in American Ginseng have antimicrobial properties.

One 2012 study published by Kochan et al. in particular, showed that ginsenosides (a compound found in Ginseng) possessed anti-staphylococcal activity. This study also noted that the leaves, roots, and hairy root cultures found in American Ginseng are all a source of antimicrobial compounds.


Premature Aging:

No controlled clinical trials have been done on the effect of ginseng on life expectancy. That said, many studies show that Ginseng might have an effect on both the chronological and biological aspects of aging, due to its antioxidant properties, by Szczuka et al. in 2019.

Skin Care:

Skin Ageing (Wrinkles):

Nowadays Ginseng also be one of the most common substance that people can found in many beauty product. Ginseng has health benefit as it can decrease the sign of wrinkles, increase immunity system and prevent any heart disease. Ginseng also stimulates blood flow to every part of human body, especially skin’s cell. Therefore, Ginseng also can help human’s skin to be brighter, moist, and looks younger.

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