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Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin)Health Benefits of Patchouli / Psychological Benefits: (Stress and Depression, Spiritual Benefits) / Neurological Health: (Benefit for the Mind, Increases Brain Functions, Hypersensitivity) / Skin Care: (Scars, Scalp, Skin Aging, Tightening Loose Skin, Dry Chapped Skin, Sebum Production, UV-Radiation, Cellulite, Wounds, Skin Infections, Eczema, Snake Bites) / Hair Care: (Hair Loss, Dandruff, Makes Hair Silky and Shiny) / Sexual Health: (Sexual Problems, Intimacy, Natural Aphrodisiac) / Reduces Inflammation: / Relieves Pain and Cramps: (Headache and Migrene) / Antioxidant: / Kills Bacterial Infections: (Prevents Infections, Yeast Infection, Bad Body Odor, Natural Deodorant, Antifungal) / Boosts Immune System: (Speeds up Healing Process, Healthy Cell Growth) / Kidney Health: (Stimulates Urination, Detox the Body) / Liver Health: (Alcohol-Induced Acute Liver Injury) / Improves Digestive Health: / Supports Cardiovascular Health - Heart Health: (Blood Circulation) / Respiratory Health: (Flu, Fever, Acute Lung Injury) / Cancer - Treatment and Prevention: / Treats Sleep Disorders: (Insomnia) / Supports Weight Loss: (Matabolism) / Aids in Dental Care: / Eliminates Insects and Pests: (Insect Repellent, Repellent Ants, Repellent Termites, Pesticide)Benefits of Patchouli Essential OilTherapeutic Benefits of Patchouli Oil | Uses of Patchouli(Traditional Uses of Patchouli, Culinary Uses of Patchouli, Other Uses of Patchouli)Properties of Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli is the evergreen perennial which was originated from Southeast Asia. Nowadays it is cultivated in Indonesia, China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, tropical regions of Hawaii and South America. Patchouli oil is extracted from the white, violet marked flowers and leaves. The oil is a thick liquid in a light yellow or brown color with strong, sweet and musky earth aroma. As the oil ages, it gets much better. The color of the patchouli oil turns into a deep amber from light yellow color and the fragrance is richer and smoother. The Patchouli essential oil is extracted from the leaves of Patchouli plant by the process of steam distillation. It is also known from its botanical name such as Pogostemon patchouli or Pogostermon Cablin. Alpha Patchoulene, Alpha Guaiene, Caryophyllene, Patchouli Alcohol, Pofostol, Beta Patchoulene, Alpha Bulnesene, Norpatchoulenol and Seychellene are the basic elements of Patchouli essential oil.

Indigenous and native to Philippines, patchouli plant or Pogostemon cablin is a herb that is extensively used in alternative treatments like Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. Its Indian counterpart, Pogostemon heyneanus, is indigenous to peninsular India and Sri Lanka and is seen widely in the Western Ghats. Chinese medicine uses the plant in treating everything from cold, headache and fever to vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and more. In India, patchouli leaves are considered an effective insect repellent.

Most famously associated with the hippie era of the 1960’s and early 1970’s, Patchouli is more than just a wonderfully scented oil and Patchouli benefits are many. Originating in South East Asia, Patchouli essential oil was so valuable to the early European traders that it was literally worth its weight in gold, with a pound Patchouli being exchanged for a pound of gold.

Two of the 40 species of the plant have highly aromatic leaves that give out a scent that is deep, woody, spicy and earthy which make them a popular essential oil and a staple of the cosmetics industry. What more, patchouli oil is one of the few oils that improves with age. While the herb has been popular in the beauty industry for thousands of years, the oil is a sought after ingredient in soaps, lotions, perfumes, etc.

In traditional Asian medicine, Patchouli was used to treat hair and skin conditions such as dandruff, oily scalp, eczema, dermatitis and acne. The Romans used it as an appetite stimulant and in India it was used to heal scars and wounds. It was also known as a powerful aphrodisiac, used in Tantric practices of the Indian Yogis.

Patchouli oil has a lot of health benefits such as treating skin problems like acne, dermatitis, and dry skin; relieving depression, easing symptoms of fever, cold, and stomach upset; offering relief from stress or anxiety; controlling appetite and also as an antibacterial, antifungal agent and has insecticidal properties and can help ward off a number of different insects such as bed bugs, lice, ants, fleas, mosquitoes, and moths.

You can burn Patchouli oil in a room in order to drive away the insects in it. You can also add a few drops of this to your bed or anywhere else in order to make sure no bugs come near you.

Patchouli essential oil acts as a tonic for your body and can help stimulate the secretion of various important hormones and enzymes that ultimately impact the way your organs and body systems function in a positive way. The oil also has a sedative effect which can be used to keep yourself calm. This effect is especially useful for people who have been through trauma or are undergoing stress and anxiety. The sedative effect can also be used to induce sleep and fight insomnia.

Patchouli essential oil is also used to treat a number of different ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and sores. It relieves you from constipation. It is also a good antidote for many insect bites.

Improves the Appearance:

The hydrating properties of Patchouli essential-have long been harnessed in the application of beauty treatments. By providing additional moisture to the skin, patchouli essential oil can cause the skin to appear much more youthful than it is. The aesthetic charm that everyone seeks from beauty treatments like this is summarized by a youthful glow and a beautiful exuberance. Improved hydration can contribute to further skin benefits such as acne treatment and prevention, even for people with, particularly acne-prone skin.

The sebum-producing skin cells are stopped in their tracks when the oil is applied topically and liberally, but it is also effective as part of a combination of essential oils, particularly when joining forces with jojoba or coconut oils. Radiant and youthful skin can be achieved when Patchouli essential oil is applied twice daily, as it helps to treat acne pimples and clear up the lingering imprint of scars.

Make your own Lotions:

Creating your own lotions and cosmetic items allows you to experience all of the benefits ranging from relaxation to clearer skin. This powerful essential oil is a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory liquid, which makes it ideal for all-over applications. You can help to rid yourself of any irritated skin associated with dryness, help scars to fade away, and create a peaceful and relaxing environment for yourself simultaneously.

Combine one part Coconut oil, one part Beeswax, and two parts Jojoba oil in a double boiler until they are completely melted. Stir them regularly and add ten to twenty drops of Patchouli oil when finished. You can customize this scent by adding drops of balsam fir essential oil, Lavender oil, or Sandalwood. Any combination you can think of can be used in this homemade concoction. When finished, place the homemade lotion in a jar and store for up to six months.

Acts as a Tonic:

It also acts as an excellent tonic for the body. It optimizes the body’s metabolic functions such as the food decomposition and absorption of nutrients by toning up your liver, stomach, as well as intestines, and thus helping you to grow healthier and stronger.

Patchouli oil takes absolute care of proper excretion, regulates the endocrinal secretion of enzymes and hormones, and also tones up your nervous system; thus making you more active alert. It must also be added that patchouli oil boosts your immune system, which in turn helps to protect you from a lot of infections.

Psychological Benefits:

Stress and Depression:

Patchouli essential oil is known for relieving depression. It is great for people suffering from this disease as it can help drive away feelings of sadness and loss. It helps such patients to get over their feelings of loss, sadness and fills them with new hope. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular in aromatherapy. This oil is known for lifting the spirits and instilling a sense of happiness and calmness. It can even help with driving away disappointment. Patchouli essential oil is grounding and calming to the mind and body. This extremely versatile oil uplifts the mind, helps overcome depressive feelings, tranquilize the mind and paves way for new hopes ahead. The sweet herbaceous and ethereal floral charm brings peace and harmony for the ruined mind. This happens because of the impact that the inhalation of patchouli oil has got on the hormones and several chemical reactions in the mind and the body.

Moreover, Patchouli essential oil is also known for getting rid of stress, anger, anxiety, and other negative emotions. Fear, fatigue, anxiety, nervous tension, work pressure and prolonged stress can be cleared by enchanting your limbic system with the classic aroma of Patchouli essential oil. Researchers show that inhaling this oil stimulates the production of pleasure hormones like Serotonin and Dopamine. Sadness or frustration, feelings of anger and anxiety disappear.

Add a few drops of the oil to your diffuser to improve your mood and to relax after a stressful day. This is why patchouli essential oil is so frequently used in aromatherapy. It is believed to lift one’s mood, and induce relaxation.

A review study suggested that patchouli oil may be calming, sedative, and uplifting. Patchouli oil aroma seemed to improve mood when inhaled by people. Some researchers think it should be studied further in psychoaromatherapy, the use of essential oils as a complementary approach to psychiatric problems. Nonetheless, no large trials have been carried out.

According to one hypothesis and a 2016 review of different studies, fragrances can affect the fight-or-flight response. When activated, the fight-or-flight response increases blood pressure and heart rate. Inhalation of patchouli oil caused a 40% decrease in this response, having a relaxing effect in a study of 43 women. Additionally, vaporized mixtures of essential oils containing Patchouli reduced disturbed behavior in 10 cases of people with dementia.

Adding 5 to 6 drops of Patchouli in warm bath before going to bed will invigorate your senses, refreshes your mind and strengthens your immune system. You can also choose to enjoy the benefits of a reviving Ayurvedic massage by blending 4 drops of Patchouli oil in cold pressed Sesame oil followed by a warm bath for lessening stress, depression and other related health conditions.

You may as well try only 2 to 3 drops of Patchouli oil added to your diffuser, vaporizer, burner, wrist, pillow or to a tissue assists in strengthening your mental power and wash away depressive thoughts that drain you. To alleviate anxiety, inculcate use of this oil while bathing.

Spiritual Benefits:

The rich and energizing aroma of Patchouli essential oil grants mental clarity for many years. Among the seven chakras of the human body, Patchouli essential oil is used for connecting the heart chakra with the sacral and root chakras, where chakra is defined as "The centers of psychic energy located at points along the spinal cord. They are associated with the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. Each chakra corresponds to a specific mantra (sound) and geometric pattern (yantra). Through meditation on these chakras we can gain mastery over our body and each corresponding element".

  • Inhale Patchouli to Dispel Fear: Patchouli has a grounding scent, helping you to feel held and safe. Diffuse patchouli oil or rub some oil on your wrists, breathing deeply to repel negative feelings like fear and enhance a feeling of groundedness.
  • Diffuse Patchouli to Overcome Lazy Energy: Again, patchouli’s fragrance is bold and confident– perfect for those days when you don’t feel good enough, or don’t feel like doing anything. Diffuse or apply patchouli essential oil in the mornings to overcome laziness, and stay motivated and focused.
  • Use Patchouli for Speeding Up Manifestation: Spiritualists love to use patchouli in their manifestation rituals, whether they’re aiming at manifesting money, love, a job, or something else. Grab a bottle of patchouli essential oil, then rub some on your palms or wrists during your manifestation routine. You can also diffuse the oil into the air while setting intention and visualization.
  • Smudge Patchouli to Attract Love: Patchouli is known to symbolize love and fertility, so of course, this herb (or oil) can aid in your quest for a happy romantic relationship. You may light Patchouli incense and smudge your home with it– i.e., walk from room to room with the smoking incense in hand– to attract love. Additionally, try taking a ritual bath: run a hot bath and add a few drops of patchouli oil or a few patchouli leaves to the water. (Adding crystals such as rose quartz may help, too.) Then, soak in the bath for at least twenty minutes to allow patchouli’s loving vibration to soak into your spirit. A quicker way to do this is to bathe with patchouli soap! Just ensure that you have soap which contains authentic patchouli oil, not a smell-alike.
  • Use Patchouli Spray to Keep Away Negative People and Bad Vibes: Smudging your home with patchouli, via incense or patchouli sprays, helps to clear negative energy, and can even protect your space from negative people. Try dabbing patchouli spray on your front door, burning patchouli incense near the door, or even mopping your home with patchouli water to keep away unwanted energy and people. Be sure to use an intention! As you smudge, try repeating a phrase such as “I ask all unwanted energies and visitors to exit my space”. To make Patchouli water, boil patchouli leaves for about five minutes, strain the leaves from the water, and allow the water to cool. Then, pour the cooled patchouli water into a spray bottle or into your mop water.
  • Apply Patchouli on Your Belly for Balancing Your Chakras: As mentioned earlier, Patchouli is most closely associated with the root chakra. However, as it’s also associated with love and feelings, Patchouli can be used to balance the sacral and heart chakras. In addition, patchouli aids overthinkers to calm our minds, that heals the crown chakra, too. To add patchouli oil to your chakra-healing practice, you might try diffusing the oil during meditation or journaling. Or, try rubbing diluted patchouli oil on your forehead or belly.
  • Apply Patchouli on Your Feet for Deep Sleep: Have an overactive mind? I’m willing to bet that you have trouble falling asleep at night. Patchouli oil can help. In fact, herbalists actually recommend massaging the diluted oil into your feet and toes! This can help to induce deep rejuvenating sleep and relaxation.
  • Keep Patchouli Under Your Pillow for Good Dreams: Those who strive to lucid dream often create a “dream pillow” including sweet-smelling patchouli leaves. Patchouli will, of course, help to quiet your mind, thus ensuring that your dreams are sweet rather than worrisome. And, yes, some claim that patchouli will help you to control your dream world! To try this, place patchouli leaves under your pillow, place a sachet of patchouli inside of your pillow, or keep a bowl of dried or fresh patchouli leaves near your bed.
  • Use Patchouli Incense for Deeper Meditation & Insights: As mentioned earlier, patchouli’s musky scent works well to ground a worrisome mind. Thus, you may want to use patchouli if you’re prone to overthinking during meditation. Try diffusing patchouli oil or incense, or dabbing patchouli oil on your wrists, to clear your mind before and during meditation. Patchouli can even help you attract amazing insights and solutions to issues as you meditate. Keep a pen and notepad handy to jot them down whenever they occur to you.
  • Inhale Patchouli to Remove Headaches and Find Clarity: Have you ever been to a yoga studio in which warm, smell-good towels were passed out at the end of class? These towels likely contained a generous dose of patchouli oil! This oil is known for relieving headaches and calming overthinking. To create a patchouli towel, put 4-5 drops of patchouli oil in lukewarm water. Soak a washcloth in the water, place it over your head while lying down, and inhale deeply for up to 5 minutes.
  • Carry Patchouli With You to Attract Money: Patchouli is traditionally associated with the planet (and God) Saturn, who doles out rewards for one’s hard work. Thus, working with patchouli can call in Saturn, therefore aiding in wealth manifestation. To call in Saturn, set a sacred intention to attract money. Then, you can carry patchouli leaves in your wallet, or perhaps smudge your house daily with patchouli water or incense. You can also add a few drops of patchouli oil to a green candle and light it for a money-attracting ritual.
  • Bath with Patchouli for Cleansing: In addition to using patchouli baths to attract love, you can also bathe in this fragrant plant to cleanse your energy. If you’ve been carrying extra stress or worry lately, try a patchouli cleansing bath: add 10-20 drops of patchouli oil to your bath water. If desired, you can also add epsom salts and/or crystals (NOT selenite! Selenite will dissolve in water.). Alternatively, you may add a handful of dried patchouli leaves to your bath or bathe with patchouli soap instead. Soak for 20 minutes or more, and feel your spirit’s energy becoming lighter.
  • Use Patchouli to Overcome Anger: If you are feeling angry and frustrated, patchouli will help you relax and let go. Consider diffusing patchouli essential oil as you listen to some calming music to reduce negative feelings such as anger and enhance positive feelings and your vibration.
  • Drink Patchouli Tea for Raising your Vibration: The quickest way to raise your vibration with patchouli is to ingest it as a tea. Boil about a cup of water, then remove it from the heat. Add about a teaspoon or two of dried patchouli leaves, steep for five minutes, then strain through a fine mesh strainer. Enjoy your tea as you feel your vibration lifting. You can also add a few fresh/dried patchouli leaves to your drinking water so its raises the energy of the water molecules.

Inhaling the aroma of this oil through a diffuser, vaporizer or applying it on the chakra or vital flex points, will aid in discharging jealousy, feelings of insecurity, obsessions and enhance the quality of one’s life to a greater level.

2 drops of Patchouli oil added to potpourri, vaporizer, diffuser or burner during an intense meditation will kindle your confidence, creativity, endurance, will power, self-confidence, self-esteem, positive feelings and the fortitude to live in the present moment.

Enhances Mood:

It has been found that inhaling Patchouli essential oil stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine, the feel good hormones which help to eliminate feelings of anxiety and anger. The release of these hormones reduces stress and tension which leads to a sense of overall well-being and can bring about a more positive outlook on life.

Neurological Health:

Benefit for the Mind:

The abundance of adaptogenic, and sedative properties in this essential oil not only improves the mood but also relieves stress. It holds high significance in providing mental stability by regulating the stress hormone, i.e. serotonin which in turn reduces various symptoms of anxiety including restlessness, uneasiness, cold hands, and feet, etc. and bestows a fresh and happy feeling.

Increases Brain Functions:

A mixture containing Patchouli oil massaged on the bodies of 56 people with dementia reduced dementia-related behaviors and possibly increased mental alertness and awareness. Although promising, these findings need to be verified in larger trials.


Patchouli oil soothes inflammation as mentioned earlier. It also sedates cough, convulsions, and epileptic attacks that are being the results of hypersensitivity or hyper-activity of the nerves. This oil can even stop the breakouts because of allergies by sedating the hypersensitivity of the body towards specific elements. Patchouli oil has got antidepressant and sedative qualities, which are actually essential for relaxing the body and promoting healthy and sound night sleep. 

Skin Care:

With a long history of use in beauty products, Patchouli oil helps to regenerate skin cells, keeping the complexion smooth and healthy. It is beneficial to all skin types, soothing dry cracked skin or toning and regulating oily skin. It has strong antibacterial qualities which make Patchouli particularly helpful to treat acne and other skin infections.

Patchouli essential oil is a great addition to your beauty routine. You may find that it can help to soothe irritated skin and help acne-prone skin to become healthier over time. Instead of purchasing an expensive wrinkle cream, a few dabs of patchouli oil could help to minimize the appearance of facial aging. Patchouli essential oil also helps regenerate new skin cells and this keeps your skin looking healthy and vibrant and glowing.

Patchouli oil was traditionally used in some Asian cultures for its benefits for the skin. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties can protect our skin against rashes and other conditions.

An essential oil containing 12% Patchouli oil, amongst other oils, improved symptoms of skin infections and reduced the healing time of skin abrasions and ulcers in a study of 100 people. The contribution of patchouli to this effect is unknown, since the researchers used a combination of essential oils.

It is essential to have some more research on it so as to know if there is a similar kind of benefit in people. The best way to harness this power is to apply it at night, shortly before bed. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser to rid your skin of harmful toxins that can counteract the work you’re trying to accomplish. Then, mix a couple of drops with your moisturizer or apply directly to the skin. Let it soak in overnight and enjoy the glow of healthier skin in the morning.

You can add a couple of drops to your regular face creams and lotions in your everyday skincare routine. It also pairs well with oils like Jojoba and Lavender.


When it comes to reducing scars, Patchouli essential oil does a wonderful job. It has excellent tissue regenerating properties and it helps with cell repair. One of the little-known benefits of this essential oil is its ability to help generate new skin cell growth. When applied regularly to the affected area, you should see the blemish start to slowly disappear with time. It’s best to use this on new scars while they are still in the healing stages, if possible. Older scars can still benefit from the ways that patchouli can minimize their appearance, but it won’t be as significant as it could be with a new scar.

Because of its quick-healing properties, patchouli oil minimizes the look of scars or marks that are left from acne, wounds, measles, pox or boils. You can even heal bug bites with this powerful essential oil.

To speed up the healing process of any unwanted marks on the skin, rub 2–3 drops of patchouli oil into your hands and then apply it the scarred area. Do this daily and you will begin to see the mark disappear.


If you are anyhow a healthy skin preacher, this oil has revolutionary abilities not just to eliminate causes of acne or eczema inflammation, but also render chapped and irritated skin flawless and new. The oil stimulates contraction in muscles, nerves, and skin preventing sagging from waxing and threading routines Patchouli is an essential ingredient is all anti-aging creams, and hence, a must have before-bed-beauty-habit. The oil can also cure rough scalp and dandruff on the diluted application.

Skin Aging:

There are quite a few essential oils that boast amazing anti-aging properties. Patchouli is one of them. When used to make an anti-aging serum, it helps decrease wrinkles and fine lines. With age, our skin tends to become saggy and develops spots and blemishes that easily give away the age and put down one’s self-confidence. Patchouli essential oil is hailed for its use in skin cell regeneration. Blessed with umpteen active ingredients and anti-bacterial properties, it facilitates wound healing, effectively reduces wrinkles, scars, blemishes, and other signs of ageing. The aromatic oil also plays a key role in fighting off bacteria and germs that ultimately lead to pimples, acne, and other skin infections, thus bestowing one with a crystal clear radiant skin.

Tightening Loose Skin:

The astringent effects in Patchouli oil helps in tightening loose skin and muscles especially after weight loss and post-delivery. It stops the sagging of skin effectively and treats contractions of nerves, skin and muscles.

All you need to do to work out these wonders is to add 2 to 3 drops of Patchouli essential oil to gentle carrier oils like jojoba oil or sweet almond oil or to your mild skin creams or lotions and gently massage on the affected area.

Dry Chapped Skin:

Patchouli oil stimulates muscle contractions and, therefore, prevents sagging skin. Patchouli essential oil regenerates new skin cells, and this keeps the skin looking young, healthy and vibrant. It is also great for all skin types, dry, cracked skin and oily or acne-prone skin; you will see the healing and germ-fighting benefits of this oil either way. Aside from Lavender, Sandalwood and Jasmine, Patchouli is another essential oil that has moisturizing qualities.

Add a few drops of it to your usual body cream and apply it all over your body for a luxurious hydrating skin treat. Try adding five drops of Patchouli oil to your face wash or lotion, or you can massage the oil on your face directly. For your hair, massage five drops of patchouli oil into your scalp or add it to your conditioner.

Sebum Production:

One of the beauty benefits of Patchouli essential oil is that it balances sebum production. So if you have oily skin, you can add a drop of Patchouli essential oil in 1 tsp of your usual face cream and apply it on your face and neck.


In one animal study from 2014 treated mice with Patchouli oil for around 2 hours and then exposed the mice to UV radiation, which can age them and also result in skin damage. Using some tests, the researchers assessed the potential protective effects of the oil. It was found that the mice that were treated with Patchouli oil had a formation of less wrinkles and an increased content of collagen.

This indicates that Patchouli oil may have a strong protective effect on our skin. Scientists are also investigating whether patchouli oil can scavenge reactive oxidative species (ROS) in cells, which suggests antioxidant potential. Further research will need to be performed to see if the same benefit can be observed in people.


Clear cellulite using Patchouli essential oil. It has diuretic properties that help reduce water retention and break up cellulite! Make this Coffee Sugar Scrub and add 5 drops of patchouli essential oil to it.


Patchouli oil is known to protect wounds and ulcers from developing several infections and getting septic. This is probably the most important property of Patchouli oil, as small wounds in the skin can result in various serious infections, including tetanus; in case the wound was inflicted with iron or rusty objects. Patchouli oil even protects against that possibility. Patchouli essential oil has tissue regenerating properties and it helps stimulate the formation of new skin cells. This assists in wound healing.

You can mix 2 drops of patchouli essential oil in 1 tsp of witch hazel and use this to disinfect your wound. It’s best to apply this mixture on wounds that have closed to prevent stinging.

Skin Infections:

Patchouli oil is known for treating skin conditions as well as other conditions that are caused by or because of prolonged inflammation, such as gout and arthritis or caused by fever and can get rid of it fairly quickly. Its sedative effects calm the inflamed area down and even help in getting rid of most of the pain, making this a good remedy.


Because of its antiseptic properties and moisturizing ability, Patchouli essential oil is good for relieving eczema. You can add it to your bath water (see Point 10 below) or apply it topically by mixing it in a skin care oil of your choice ( just follow the rule 2 drops Patchouli oil in 1 tsp of carrier oil).

Snake Bites:

For venomous snake bites like King Cobra’s bite, few drops of pure Patchouli oil is taken on a cloth or cotton and put on the bitten part instantaneously as first aid before the patient is taken to the doctor for intense treatment.

After which 2 drops of Patchouli oil is mixed with 4 drops of carrier oils like Coconut oil, Sesame oil, wheat germ oil or Grape seed oil and applied on the bitten surface twice daily to promote quicker healing of the wound.

Hair Care:

The natural astringent properties of Patchouli essential oil make it a great stimulant for muscle or skin contractions. The oil aids in strengthening muscle tone, keeps skin from sagging and helps prevent hair loss.

Hair Loss:

Increase hair growth and thickness using patchouli essential oil! It wards off germs and irritants thereby keeping the scalp healthy to foster growth of healthy hairs. Mix patchouli with rosemary, lavender and cedarwood essential oils to make a hair growth massage oil.


As an anti-fungal agent, patchouli oil also fights dandruff! Prepare an anti-dandruff treatment by combining 2 drops of patchouli oil & 2 drops tea tree oil in 1 tbsp coconut oil. Massage the cream all over your scalp then cover your hair with a shower cap. Wash your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo after 1-2 hours. You can make your own anti-dandruff shampoo too! Here’s the link: Homemade Tea Tree Shampoo

Makes Hair Silky and Shiny:

Patchouli essential oil helps hydrate and beautify dry chapped skin and in the same way, it helps dry lifeless looking hair too!. Add a few drops of patchouli essential oil to your hair conditioner bottle to see your hair turning into a shiny silken mass! Add about 2 drops of patchouli oil in 1 tbsp of conditioner, or open your conditioner bottle (8 oz) and add 7-10 drops of Patchouli oil.

Sexual Health:

Sexual Problems:

The regular usage of patchouli essential can help to address such sexual problems as erectile dysfunction. A particularly difficult subject for many men to open up about, the potential power of patchouli will make anyone stand to attention as they learn of its capabilities as a natural treatment option. A temporary loss of libido can also be aided by patchouli. Even impotence can see some resolution when patchouli is used.

Interestingly, both male and female sexual drive issues can be resolved by patchouli. The oil promotes the secretion of estrogen in women and testosterone in men, making it a miracle cure for bedroom difficulties. The awkward situation of identifying the partner with the problem is also negated, given that patchouli can help each sex equally. There are some people who even swear by the use of patchouli as an aphrodisiac of sorts, involving it in massages and using it in diffusers in intimate locations, to help create the ambiance and the mood for lovemaking.


Ayurveda considers sex as a positive force that helps restore the vital energy of life and is misused; it can be the strongest binding attachment stopping one from attaining higher spiritual reality. Ayurvedic texts does not encourage loveless sex as it considers that sex can be complete and beautiful only when there is intimacy and absolute love between the two partners involved in it.

Robert Svoboda’s translation quotes that “For the perfect love tryst Ayurvedic  Scholar Sushruta recommends a full moon night in a bower of flowers, soft silk garments, sweet and intoxicating perfumes, light and nourishing food and sweet music.”

It also talks about the use of sweet perfumes, where the partners are said to bathe in or anoint their body in sensual essential oils like Patchouli essential oil before sex.  Adding few drops of this essential oil with natural aphrodisiac properties in your burner or vaporizer is also said to add to the erotic mood and deeper intimacy.

Natural Aphrodisiac:

Patchouli essential oil is a strong aphrodisiac. It can help people who suffer from erectile dysfunctions. It can also help with impotency. Patchouli oil is also known to be beneficial in treating sexual issues like loss of libido, impotence, erectile dysfunctions, disinterest in sex, sexual anxiety, and frigidity. The oil works well with both women and men and stimulates the sexual hormones, testosterone and estrogen, which boosts their sex drive and this can have a huge impact on your intimate relationships. It must be mentioned that patchouli oil has been used as an aphrodisiac for several years.

Patchouli essential oil is a strong enough aphrodisiac to also cure frigidity and anxiety during sex that prevents people from relaxing or gaining any pleasure. It is equally good for both, men and women, and can increase their sex drives substantially. These properties are so well known that this patchouli oil has been used as an aphrodisiac for nearly thousands of years. It certainly works!

Some people use it for a massage with a carrier oil like Jojoba, Almond, or Avocado oil. It can also help in setting up the mood through an aromatherapy diffuser. However, keep in mind that patchouli can be too strong for some people. You can use it to make a perfume to increase attraction and desire. A few drops can be added to a light carrier oil then applied onto your hair ends as a simple aphrodisiac perfume. Patchouli can be diffused in the bedroom or diluted in a pure carrier oil to create a sensual massage oil that will get you in the mood for love. Try to pour in a few drops of essential oil along with other fragrant oils and indulge in long hot baths.

Reduces Inflammation:

One of the well-known health benefits of Patchouli oil is that it prevents inflammation. Patchouli oil has antiphlogistic properties, which means that it has the power to soothe inflammation in the body. Patchouli oil soothes the inflammation and irritation, especially if it is caused due to fever; and it even offers relief from the fever itself. With inflammation at the root of most disease, Patchouli oil can address internal inflammation. This means Patchouli oil is beneficial for treating a lot of skin conditions, and also internal inflammation caused due to conditions like gout and arthritis and also deal with external inflammation that can be present in skin infections or irritations.

There are several studies which have demonstrated the anti-inflammatory effect of Patchouli oil. Scientists explored whether patchoulol can reduce the production of a number of inflammatory markers (NF-α, IL-1β, IL-6, iNOS, and COX-2) in cells. Swelling is a large part of your body’s inflammatory response.

Swelling is a large part of the inflammatory response of our body. Recent researches have indicated that Patchouli oil could indeed help in reducing inflammation. A study in mice found that one component of Patchouli oil decreased chemically induced swelling in their paws and ears.

In a 2017 study, published in the Journal Mediators of Inflammation, scientists discovered that certain compounds present in patchouli oil suppress acute inflammation in animal subjects. The oil reduced inflammatory swelling in test mice. Immune cells must also migrate to the site of inflammation.

A 2016 study in cultured cells found that Patchouli oil reduced migration of immune cells called neutrophils. These findings are promising for the use of patchouli oil or its components in treating inflammatory conditions.

A 2014 study "Protective effects of Pogostemon cablin Bentham water extract on inflammatory cytokine expression in TNBS-induced colitis in rats" in Archives of Pharmacal Research by Su-Young Park, Ganesh Prasad Neupane, Sung Ok Lee, Jong Suk Lee, Mi-Young Kim, Sun Yeou Kim, Byung Chul Park, Young-Joon Park, Jung-Ae Kim evaluated a water extract of PC for effects in bowel inflammation. Results showed effective inhibition of tumor necrosis factor (TNF)- α induced adhesion of monocytes to HT-29 human colonic epithelial cells. It suppressed clinical signs of colitis in a trinitrobenze sulfonic acid (TNBS)-induced rat model of IBD. Results suggest, PCW suppressed colon inflammation via suppression of NF-kB-dependent expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

A 2011 study "Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of the Methanol Extract from Pogostemon cablin" by Tsung-Chun Lu et al. reported that pretreating immune cells called macrophages with Patchouli alcohol lowered the levels of these molecules produced by the cells when they were stimulated.

In fact, a recent study administered Patchouli oil to rats with chemically induced inflammatory bowel disease. They found that rats treated with Patchouli oil had less damage and immune cell accumulation in their colon.

Several studies have been done to research the anti-inflammatory properties of Patchouli. It has been found that patchoulol (patchouli alcohol), can regulate the production of inflammatory markers in cells with induced inflammation. It has also been found that Patchouli exhibits strong anti-inflammatory properties within cells.

Rub 5 drops of patchouli oil into your hands and massage your feet, stomach, lower back or any other agitated or inflamed area. The topical application of patchouli, meaning when it is applied directly onto the skin, can help reduce inflammation and soothe the associated pain. This inflammation, which is caused by irritation, could potentially become more problematic, the longer it is left unaddressed and untreated. The naturally soothing properties of patchouli can not only stop swelling at the source but could also provide some relief from dermatitis and the itching sensations that come with it.

By using the oil in a diffuser, the anti-inflammatory benefits may also be realized internally, bringing about an improvement in the management of such issues like arthritis. It isn’t a cure for ailments like this, but if it helps even a small amount, it’s a natural choice for affected people to add to their toolkit of treatment options. Reducing inflammation is often something that people leave to over the counter medications, but a natural alternative is surely something worth considering.

Relieves Pain and Cramps:

Patchouli contains A-Guinane, a powerful anti-inflammatory compound that reduces inflammation of the joints and muscles to provide relief from aches and pains. Owing to the strong analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties of the bio-active component patchoulene, this oil is extensively used for providing relief from pain and inflammation in case of arthritis and joint pain. Being a natural vasodilator, it is also used to treat painful muscle spasms, sore muscles, arthritic conditions, and other inflammatory situations.

One study from 2011 assessed the Patchouli extracts’ effects pain-relieving effects in mice. The researchers have found that by orally giving patchouli extract to the mice has reduced their response to pain in various tests. They have noted that this effect of pain-relieving might be linked with the anti-inflammatory effects of Patchouli oil.

Headache and Migrene:

The fragrance of patchouli helps to soothe and ease the tension headaches if one drop is placed to each temple and massage it for a minute. It can also be massaged to the reflex points of the feet or hands or a few drops should be rubbed in between the palms and should take the deep breathe.


In a 2017 study "Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Activities of Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) Benth" in Journal of Botany by Bhanuz Dechayont, Pimnapa Ruamdee, Sukrita Poonnaimuang, Khwanchanok Mokmued, and Jitpisute Chunthorng-Orn evaluated the antioxidant and antiicrobial activities of leaves from Pogostemon cablin extracts. Ethanolic extract exhibited highest antioxidant activity with IC50=18 ± 0.90, 20 ± 0.24 µg/ml by DPPH and ABTS scavenging assays, respectively. Both extracts showed moderate inhibition of superoxide and nitric oxide production in a concentration dependent manner. The ethanolic extract also showed greatest activity against MRSA, methicillin sensitive S. aureus, and Streptococcus pyogenes.

Kills Bacterial Infections:

There are disease-causing bacteria that use specific things such as biofilms and virulence factors for effectively colonizing a host and effectively overcoming its defenses. A recent study has observed that Patchouli oil was quite able to disrupt biofilms and also some virulence factors of MRSA or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains. In a study done to assess the effect of various essential oils on bacteria and fungi, Patchouli oil was found to inhibit the effect of 20 different bacteria. 6 in another study done to compare the antibacterial effect of Patchouli oil with different antibiotics, 26 different compounds were.

One study looked at the blend of several essential oils, which included the Patchouli oil. The investigators assessed if this blend was able enough to inhibit the growth of bacteria like Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus and it was even found that patchouli oil inhibited the growth of Streptococcus pneumoniae much better than the blend did. The inhibition that was observed for the blend was quite similar to that observed for liquid soap.

A review study determined that among 10 essential oils, Patchouli oil most active against the following bacteria: Acinetobacter baumannii (common hospital-acquired infection), Aeromonas veronii (causes various types of infections), Enterococcus faecalis (commonly causes urinary tract infections), E. coli (found in the gut but can cause various types of infections), H. pylori (causes stomach ulcers and heartburn), Klebsiella pneumoniae (common hospital-acquired infection), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (common hospital-acquired infection), Salmonella enteric (causes food poisoning), Staphylococcus aureus (causes many life-threatening infections).

A 2014 study "Comparitive studies on antibacterial activity of Patchouli aromatic medicinal plants" in African Journal of Biotechnology by Chakrapani Pullagummi, Nirmala Babu Rao, B. Chandra Sekhar Singh, Arun Jyothi Bheemagani, Prem Kumar, Venkatesh K and Anupalli Roja Rani evaluated the potential antibacterial activity of various solvent extracts of Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) and Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens). Aqueous and organic (hexane, ethanol, and methanol) extracts from Patchouli and Geranium showed significant growth inhibition for E. coli, B. subtilis, S. aureus, and E. aerogenes.

Prevents Infections:

There is always the risk of small wounds become infected and this leads to bigger problems, like tetanus. Patchouli oil is antiseptic, meaning it protects cuts or sores on the skin from becoming infected. It also kills fungus, so it can help if you are battling athlete’s foot or another fungal infection.

Simply rub 2–3 drops of Patchouli oil on the infected area, or make yourself a warm bath with 5–10 drops of this infection preventing oil.

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that Patchouli oil can cure a number of infections. Research has shown that it contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Keep in mind that these were lab studies. You can use these antimicrobial properties by adding a few drops to your diffuser.

Yeast Infection:

Patchouli essential oil has strong antiseptic properties. This helps it protect your body from infections and sepsis. The oil of patchouli also works against internal infections caused by bacteria and can help your body heal quickly. It can even be used on wounds that are caused by rusty nails or metals.

Rubbing a bit of Patchouli essential oil on a wound, cut, or abrasion can disinfect the area and prevent it from getting infections such as tetanus.

Bad Body Odor:

Patchouli essential oil has an extremely sweet and spicy aroma which can help you hide or get rid of your body odor. Patchouli oil is used as a perfume in many cultures throughout the world.

However, many people tend to use this oil in a diluted form when trying to mask odor has it has a very strong smell and can be a bit too much for some people, others think it is wonderful and use it without diluting it. It all depends on what you are used to.

Natural Deodorant:

Patchouli oil has a sweet, musky and spicy aroma. It can be used to mask body odor naturally. It also kills germs and fights fungus, so it’s makes a great natural home deodorizer for any infected area.

Rub 1–2 drops under your armpits or add it to your favorite body lotion. Keep in the mind that the scene it pretty strong, so only a drop or two will do the trick.


There are many essential oils that have antifungal properties, and Patchouli essential oil is no different. It is very capable when it comes to inhibiting fungi growth, as it serves to eradicate even the most difficult of fungal infections. Patchouli essential oil has strong anti-fungal properties and can prevent the growth and spread of fungus both internally and externally on your body. Athlete’s foot is one example of the types of fungal infections that Patchouli essential oil can effectively treat. Fungal infections cannot be ignored, as when left untreated they can worsen and spread to other parts of the body.

Those familiar with the later stages of fungal infections will be all too aware of the implications it can for the respiratory system and causing problems in your breathing. Fungal infections can be dangerous and even fatal, especially when they end up attacking your respiratory system. If a bodily fungal infection has got to the point of causing breathing difficulties though, a person’s basic hygiene should be addressed as a matter of urgency, before any natural or holistic additions are made.

One 2018 study took a look at the antifungal activity of 60 commercially available essential oils against 3 species of disease-causing fungus; namely Cryptococcus neoformans, Aspergillus niger, and Candida albicans. From this, it was found that patchouli oil had noteworthy antifungal activity against the fungi Cryptococcus neoformans. It is also mention that the antifungal activity for Aspergillus niger was also observed. However, the it was noted by the researchers that previous studies have not demonstrated the same results.

Patchouli was among the 10 essential oils which showed significant results in lab tests. It was found most effective against a type of yeast infection.

Topical application of patchouli oil doesn’t have to be as a last resort for when fungal infections take hold, and it is even more effective as a preventative measure, before even the slightest hint of the development of fungi.

Boosts Immune System:

Immune cells must migrate to the inflammatory site. They are known to produce a lot of chemicals that are associated with inflammation.

A study from 2016 in cultured cells has found that Patchouli oil has reduced the migration of immune cells called neutrophils. So, all these above findings are really promising for the use of patchouli oil and its components in treating various inflammatory conditions.

A 2013 study "Immunomodulatory Potential of Patchouli Alcohol Isolated from Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) Benth (Lamiaceae) in Mice" in Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research by Jin Bin Liao, Dian Wei Wu, Shao Zhong Peng, Jian Hui Xie, Yu Cui Li, Ji Yan Su, Jian Nan Chen and Zi Ren Su showed that Patchouli alcohol, a tricyclic sesquiterpene constituent, isolated from Pogostemon cablin was investigated for immunomodulatory potential in Kunming mice. Results showed Patchouli has significant immunomodulatory properties probably acting by activation of the mononuclear phagocytic system, augmenting humoral immune response while suppressing cellular immune response.

A study from the year 2011 has reported that pre-treating immune cells called Macrophages with patchouli alcohol have lowered the levels of these molecules which are being produced by the cells when they were stimulated.

Speeds up Healing Process:

Patchouli oil is also known to be beneficial in speeding up the healing process of wounds and cuts, and also hastens the fading of their scars. It is also effective in eliminating marks left by acne, boils, pox, and measles. When you apply it on cuts, wounds, and abrasions, they tend to heal much faster than when you apply regular anti-septic on them.

Healthy Cell Growth:

It is important to elaborate on the last point by stressing that patchouli essential doesn’t actually inhibit the recovery of healthy cells. The actual efficiency of the body’s use of oxygen is also increased by the development of more red blood cells, meaning that the various metabolic activities throughout the body are improved in their performance and effectiveness. It may act as a promoter or a stimulant of healthy cell growth in fact, as it increases the number of red blood cells that are available to support the regrowth of healthy cells and surrounding tissues. The use of Patchouli essential oil doesn’t directly bring about healthy cell groups then, more accurately it triggers certain actions in the body, such as an increase in red blood cells, which subsequently work to bring about healthy cell growth further down the chain of events. This boost in the availability and abundance of red blood cells can bring about an increase in energy levels throughout the entire body.

Kidney Health:

Stimulates Urination:

Urination is an important function as it keeps your system clean and gets rid of unwanted toxins like ureic acid, excess water, excess fat, excess salts, and calcium, which reduces our chances of developing kidney and gallbladder stones, and also conditions like gout.

This purifies your system and prevents the occurrence of kidney stones. It can even help you lose weight since it flushes out the extra fat from your body. Patchouli oil increases the frequency of urination, and this can be beneficial to your health in several ways: You are removing excess salt, water and uric acid, which is good for your gallbladder diet, kidney natural remedies and even a liver cleanse. By removing toxins from your body, you can lower your blood pressure, lower cholesterol naturally and increase your appetite. You can consume 3–5 drops of patchouli oil by mixing it with lemon water or flavored tea.

There is some evidence to suggest that Patchouli essential oil may also prove to be beneficial as a diuretic agent, helping the body in its efforts to get rid of any excess water and toxins which could cause problems. By increasing the frequency that someone needs to urinate, Patchouli essential oil can help the body with the natural expulsion of the toxins released in urine, in order to maintain a healthy fluid balance within, and ensure the normalization of blood pressure.

Furthermore, Patchouli essential oil could also potentially limit the accumulation of uric acid that brings with it the threat of the development of gallbladder stones and other similar illnesses. Next time you need to get the waterworks moving, it might be a good time to give patchouli ago, as a natural alternative to the over the counter medication which can lead to dehydration, if used inappropriately or excessively.

Detox the Body:

Apart from boosting your looks on the outside, Patchouli is well-known for its ability to correct toxin balances, improve immunity and metabolism irregularities leaving you with skin that is not just beautiful but also very healthy and glowing.

Its cypholactic abilities stimulate generation of new bodily cells and Red Blood Cells which in turn boost your energy levels. This results in increased oxygenation of organs and cells and also ease of absorption of nutrients. Not just this, the diuretic properties of the oil help you in reducing weight, keeping a check on blood pressure and lowering cholesterol. It increases the frequency of urination thereby helping the removal of toxins from the body and hence reduces the chances of gallbladder stones. It also relieves you from constipation.

The oil is also known to have toning benefits as it optimizes metabolism, stomach and intestine functionality.It also takes care of endocrinal secretions and enzymes. It also tones up the nervous system, making you more alert and active.

Liver Health:

Alcohol-Induced Acute Liver Injury:

A 2018 study "Patchouli oil isolated from the leaves of Pogostemon cablin ameliorates ethanol-induced acute liver injury in rats via inhibition of oxidative stress and lipid accumulation" in RSC Advances by Qiong-Hui Huang, Xue Wu, Xiao-Hong Chen et al showed that excessive alcohol consumption can cause serious hepatic injury associated with oxidative stress and fatty metabolic disturbance. Study evaluated the hepatoprotective potential of patchouli leaf oil on ethanol induced hepatotoxicity in a rat model. Results showed Pogostemon cablin treatment could dramatically decrease the levels of AST, ALT, ALP and LDH in serum along with improvement in histopathologic alterations. There was also reduction of ROS, TNF-a, free fatty acid, and triglycerides along with enhanced activities of GSH, GR, and SOD. Study concludes the Patchouli oil has potent effect against ethanol induced hepatotoxicity by relieving oxidative stress and preventing lipid peroxidation.

Improves Digestive Health:

Patchouli essential oil stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes and optimises metabolism by speeding up the rate of food decomposition. It can also boost nutrient uptake by toning up the liver and intestines. Better absorption of nutrients from food leads to an increase in energy and better overall functioning of all bodily systems. Patchouli oil aromatherapy relieved symptoms of constipation and increased the number and mass of bowel movements.

Inhale Patchouli essential oil or dilute with a pure carrier oil and massage into the abdomen to harness the digestive benefits. Alternatively, food grade Patchouli oil can be added to water and taken internally to stimulate the digestive system.

Supports Cardiovascular Health - Heart Health:

Blood Circulation:

Patchouli oil stimulates the circulation of blood. It is known to stimulate the new cells' generation and promote growth. It even helps in the production of RBCs, which can help in enhancing your energy levels. By increasing the blood circulation, Patchouli oil also increases the oxygenation of cells and organs throughout the body, thus increasing their functionality and enhancing the body’s metabolism.

Respiratory Health:

Imbued with potent anti-bacterial and expectorant properties, the Patchouli essential oil is highly significant for quite a few respiratory problems. It helps clear mucus and rheum deposits from the nasal passage and provides relief from chest congestion. The soothing nature of this oil plays a crucial role in treating dry, irritated throat. It also serves as a potent remedy for asthma, bronchitis, sinus, headache, and pharyngitis.

Patchouli oil reduced the frequency of induced coughing in mice. Scientists think it should be researched in humans as a potential cough suppressant.


Methanol-extract of Patchouli leaves was active against the influenza virus in cells. Another cellular study used patchoulol against influenza. In mice, patchoulol enhanced the immune response. The authors suggested it provided the animals some protection against the influenza virus.


Patchouli oil also reduces the temperature of the body in case of fever by fighting the infection that has been causing it. Patchouli essential oil is also known for fighting fever. To start with, it can fight the infections in your body that have caused the fever in the first place. Being an antiphlogistic, patchouli oil relieves inflammation which helps in bringing down a fever, and pain caused due to the inflammation. Secondly, Patchouli oil also has strong antiphlogistic properties. This means that it also has cooling properties, so rubbing the oil into your hands, neck and stomach will reduce your body temperature. which is particularly handy when you have a fever. 

Once the fever is reduced a certain amount, the inflammation and pain caused by the fever also go down, helping you feel better much faster. Since it boosts healing in your body, it can also help you get better faster.

Acute Lung Injury:

A 2015 study "Protective effects of patchouli alcohol isolated from Pogostemon cablin on lipopolysaccharide‑induced acute lung injury in mice" in Experimental and Therapeutic Medicine by Zuqing Su, Jinbin Liao, Yuhong Liu et al showed that Patchouli alcohol is a tricyclic sesquiterpene isolated from Pogostemon cablin, which has shown anti-inflammatory, anti-influenza, and cognitive-enhancing bioactivities. Study investigated the protective effects of Patchouli on acute lung injury induced by intratracheal instillation of lipopolysaccharide in mice. Pretreatment with PA significantly increased survival rate, attenuated histopathologic damage and lung edema and decreased the protein content in the fluid of mice with acute lung injury. The Patchouli also inhibited expression of pro inflammatory cytokines. The potent protective effects were attributed to the anti-inflammatory and antioxidative activities of Patchouli.

Cancer - Treatment and Prevention:

A major player in the makeup of Patchouli essential oil, Patchouli alcohol can limit the development of malignant cancer cells. It can even eliminate them in some instances, or at least initiate the process of apoptosis, which is a process where cancer cells in the cellular stage are prevented from spreading rapidly, and sometimes at all. In an effort to disrupt the regular division of cells, Patchouli can be effective at inhibiting cancer cell growth that results from damaged tissue developing tumors.

The unchecked development of even malignant tumors can have serious implications for some of the body’s major organs. Essential oils are neglected in the world of medicine, and they are regarded as alternative treatments or home remedies, even though they are naturally extracted from natural origins. Their effectiveness in the treatment of some cancer cells shouldn’t be ignored though, as the evidence is mounting to back up the theories.

Treats Sleep Disorders:


It’s very important that you can a full night’s sleep. In fact, proper sleep has a positive impact on every system in your body. Because Patchouli oil is a sedative, it helps to treat insomnia; it helps to put your mind and body at ease and allows you to rest peacefully.

Simply rub 2–3 drops of patchouli oil into your hands and cup your nose; just by breathing in the sweet scent of Patchouli oil, you will experiences the benefits of its sedative properties. You can also touch your temples, neck and chest after rubbing the oil into your hands.

Supports Weight Loss:

One more health benefit of Patchouli oil is that it helps in weight loss. While no studies in humans have been performed to evaluate this.

A small 2006 study in rats looked at the effect that inhaling Patchouli oil had on factors like body weight and amount of food eaten. It was found by the researchers that there was no significant difference in body weight or the amount of food that was consumed between the rats that had inhaled the oil and those rats that didn’t.


Patchouli oil is a tonic, which means that is helps to tone your liver, stomach and intestines. This increases your ability to decompose food and absorb nutrients properly, so it impacts your digestive system. Because of these metabolic benefits, patchouli oil will give you more energy and help your body to function properly.

Inhaling patchouli oil with an oil burner or diffuser can make a big difference. You can also use patchouli oil as a dietary supplement. Try adding 1–2 drops to a cup of tea or a glass of water.

Aids in Dental Care:

Oral cleansers commercially available today are mainly only suitable in the removal of small, annoying odors. Patchouli essential oil could also help to guard the mouth against the development of irritating bacterial infestations. When used as a homemade version of a mouthwash, Patchouli essential oil can work to deodorize a person’s mouth immediately, whilst at the same time ensuring that fresh smell is left over, enduring for a longer period of time. When used regularly, the essential oil can lead to fresh smelling breath at all times.

They may not actually assist in the treatment of genuine oral infections, that have far more serious implications than a case of bad breath. Essential oils, however, could provide a natural alternative for the removal of stains from teeth such as tobacco stains or red wine stains. With its antibacterial properties, Patchouli essential oil can be highly successful in the elimination of the bacteria that causes bad breath. When combined with Peppermint oil, the fragrance is especially delightful.

Bad Breath:

Chewing gum is often used to mask mouth odor. But chewing gums with Patchouli essential oil is more beneficial in that it not just masks mouth odor, the antibacterial property of the oil works on the harmful bacteria in the mouth making it an excellent product for oral hygiene.

Eliminates Insects and Pests:

Insect Repellent:

Insects and bugs form the root cause of several problems. Being carriers of different types of viruses, bacteria, or other microbes, not only can they contaminate food and lead to food poisoning but also cause allergic conditions ranging from rashes and itching to fever and hallucinations. Some insects can even lead to lethal infectious diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya, yellow fever, etc. Imbued with potent anti-bacterial properties, Patchouli essential oil is extensively used for killing different types of insects including mosquitoes, house flies, ants, fleas, etc.

This oil is known for its insecticidal properties and this has been recognized since ancient times. It is very effective at keeping insects away. Patchouli oil is frequently used in various sprays, vaporizers, fumigants, body lotions, and incense sticks. It can also be used to wash clothes and be used to keep away the ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas, lice, moths, and flies, by mixing it with water. It must be noted that only a few drops of the Patchouli oil is essential to keep the insects away. You can even burn the oil in a room and have its effect lasting for a long time. There are several studies that have studied on the insecticidal properties of patchouli oil.

There was also one study in 2015 that tested the toxicity of various commercially available essential oils on 2 species of mosquitoes. It was found that Patchouli essential oil was the most toxic. However, the authors of the study also noted that its effect is still significantly less toxic that many man-made pesticides.

A 2013 study "Pupicidal and repellent activities of Pogostemon cablin essential oil chemical compounds against medically important human vector mosquitoes" in Asian Pac J Trop by Gokulakrishnan J, Elumalai Kuppusamy, Dhanasekaran Shanmugam, Anandan Appavu, Krishnappa Kaliyamoorthi evaluated the repellent and pupicidal activities of P. cablin for toxicity against selected important vector mosquitoes, viz., Aedes aegypti, Anopheles stephensi, and Culex quinquefasciatus. Study yielded 15 chemical constituents in the essential oil with major components of α-patchoulene, α-guaiene, α-patchoulene, á-bulnesene and patchouli alcohol. Results showed repellent and pupicidal activities with potential as an eco-friendly alternative for mosquito control.

A study from 2008 has found that when compared to various other essential oil, Patchouli oil was found to be the most efficient oil at killing house flies, when they were topically applied. One more study also found that this oil was toxic to three species of urban ants.

Another 2005 study "Comparative repellency of 38 essential oils against mosquito bites" by Trongtokit Y, Rongsriyam Y, Komalamisra N, Apiwathnasorn C. of the mosquito repellent activity of 38 essential oils from plants against Aedes aegypti on human subjects showed the undiluted oil of Patchouli, together with Citronella, Clove (Syzygium aromaticum) and Makaen (Zanthoxylum limonella), to be effected in providing 2 hours of complete repellency.

You can use Patchouli oil outside while you are gardening or dining in the backyard, or you can use it inside, especially if you are battling bed bugs or lice; try adding patchouli oil to your laundry detergent or burn five drops of the oil in an oil burner.

Combine two parts Grapefruit and Patchouli oil with one part Clove and Lavender essential oil. Add one-half cup of a light-colored oil such as Almond oil or fractionated Coconut oil and mix thoroughly. Spray liberally to keep the bugs at bay or apply using a small roller bottle.

For mosquito bites and stings of other insects, mix 2 drops of Patchouli oil with 6 drops of carrier oil like Coconut oil and apply on the affected part for complete healing.

Repellent Ants:

A 2013 study "Insecticidal and repellence activity of the essential oil of Pogostemon cablin against urban ants species" by Albuquerque EL, Lima JK, Souza FH, Silva IM, Santos AA, Araújo AP, Blank AF, Lima RN, Alves PB, Bacci L. of analyzed the bioinsecticidal activity and repellence of patchouli essential against three urban ant species. Results showed strong repellency to the three species in all tested concentrations.

Repellent Termites:

A 2003 study "Toxicity and Repellency of Patchouli Oil and Patchouli Alcohol against Formosan Subterranean Termites  Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki" in J. Agric. Food Chem by Betty C R Zhu, Gregg Henderson, Ying Yu, Roger A Laine evaluated the repellency and toxicity of patchouli oil and its main constituent, Patchouli alcohol, against Formosan subterranean termites (Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki). Both were found toxic and repellent. Unusual destruction was noted inside the exoskeleton of the termite when patchouli alcohol was topically applied.


Some researchers say that Patchouli oil seems to be an effective natural pesticide, based on experiments in test tubes. It had insecticidal activity against Cigar beetle (Lasioderma serricorne), Rice/maize weevil (Sitophilus zeamais), Flour beetle (Tribolium confusum), A beetle species (Falsogastrallus sauteri), Formosan subterranean termite (Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki).

Add to your First Aid Kit:

Like many other popular essential oils, Patchouli can be used in a variety of ways to improve your overall health. It’s an important addition to a natural first aid kit as it can be used on burns, bumps, and bruises to minimize their overall appearance. Patchouli protects wounds and ulcers from developing an infection and becoming septic. The natural antibacterial properties of this essential oil make it ideal for even the newest scrapes. Because it also stimulates new skin growth, it can speed up the healing process.

You should be aware that essential oils should never be added to a gaping wound. If this is the case, you will still need to seek medical attention.

This essential oil is also known to soothe inflammation particularly if it is a result of fever. Also, controlled intake of this essential oil can reduce body temperatures which can cure fever conditions but it is always advised to consult your family doctor before.

This oil also has sedative properties which soothe out convulsions and rough coughs which often result from hypersensitivity of nerves. Also, it can control skin breakouts by sedating hypersensitivity of the body towards certain elements.

This oil is at your rescue for irregular sleeping patterns as well but make sure not to consider this as an alternative to naturally induced sleep.

Patchouli essential oil comes from the patchouli plant through a process known as steam distillation. The plant is a bushy herb that is related to the mint family. This essential oil is rich in multiple nutrients and offers a host of health benefits when used or ingested.

Essential oil of patchouli has been in use for many years and is one of the most popular oils amongst herbalists and in aromatherapy. Patchouli essential oil has a distinct smell and is fairly recognisable. The main constituents of Patchouli Essential Oil are: Patchoulol, α-Patchoulene, β-Patchoulene, α-Bulnesene, α-Guaiene, Caryophyllene, Norpatchoulenol, Seychellene, and Pogostol.

Patchouli Essential Oil’s active chemical components contribute to its therapeutic benefits that give it the reputation of being a grounding, soothing, and peace-inducing oil. These constituents make it ideal for use in cosmetics, aromatherapy, massage, and in home cleansing products to purify the air as well as surfaces. These healing benefits can be attributed to the oil’s anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antiphlogistic, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, astringent, cicatrisant, cytophylactic, deodorant, diuretic, febrifuge, fungicide, sedative and tonic qualities, among other valuable properties.

Used topically after dilution in a carrier oil or in a skin care product, Patchouli Essential Oil can deodorize body odours, soothe inflammation, fight water retention, break up cellulite, relieve constipation, promote weight loss, facilitate the faster healing of wounds by stimulating the growth of new skin, moisturize rough and chapped skin, and reduce the appearance of blemishes, cuts, bruises and scars. It is known to fight infections that contribute to fevers, thereby reducing body temperatures. It can also relieve discomfort associated with digestive issues. By boosting circulation and thus increasing oxygen to the organs and cells, it helps the body retain a healthy-looking, youthful appearance. Patchouli Oil’s astringent properties help prevent the early onset of sagging skin and hair loss. This tonic oil improves metabolic functions by toning and strengthening the liver, stomach, and intestines and regulating proper excretion, which leads to an immune system boost that protects against infection and encourages alertness.

Used in aromatherapy, it is known to eliminate unpleasant odors in the environment and to balance emotions. The sedative scent stimulates the release of pleasure hormones, namely serotonin, and dopamine, thereby improving negative moods and enhancing the feeling of relaxation. It is believed to work as an aphrodisiac by stimulating sensual energy and boosting the libido. When diffused at night, Patchouli Essential Oil can encourage restful sleep, which can, in turn, improve mood, cognitive function, and metabolism.

  • The tension can be relieved by applying the combination of patchouli essential oil and peppermint oil to the temples, forehead and back of the neck.
  • The appearance of scars, wrinkles could be reduced by adding one to two drops to the favorite moisturizer.
  • The emotions can be calmed by applying the combination of patchouli essential oil and vetiver to the bottoms of the feet.
  • 1-2 drops of patchouli essential oil should be added to the daily skin care routine to eliminate wrinkles or a small dab should be applied to the acne prone areas.
  • The grounding effect could be provided by adding 1-2 drops to the hand palm and breathe by cup over the mouth and nose for several minutes, Or back of the neck or soles of the feet should be massaged.
  • The dermatitis, acne and eczema could be treated by applying the mixture of 2-3 drops of patchouli essential oil with carrier oil to the affected area.
  • Dab 2-3 drops of patchouli essential oil to the underarms to use it as an antiperspirant or deodorant.
  • The fungal infections and athlete’s foot could be treated if 2-3 drops is dabbed on the affected area by putting it in a cotton ball.
  • 8-10 drops of patchouli essential oil should be added to the bath water to alleviate anxiety. Or add 2-3 drops to the diffuser.
  • 2-3 drop of patchouli essential oil should be added to the unscented conditioner and apply it to the scalp. It should be left for 3-5 minutes and then rinse. This helps to remove dandruff.
  • 8-10 drops of patchouli essential oil should be added to the bath water for a nice and long soak which helps to relieve constipation.
  • 2-3 drops of patchouli essential oil should be added to the diffuser, to repel the insects. The patchouli essential oil should be placed in linen closed by adding it to the cotton ball.
  • Dab 2-3 drops of patchouli essential oil to the affected area of the insect bites by adding it to the cotton ball.
  • It also fights impotence, frigidity, balance libido and also calms sexual anxiety.
  • 2-3 drops of patchouli essential oil should be mixed with 1 ounce of carrier oil and it should be massaged on the body daily to tighten the loose skin. Or 8-10 drops of patchouli essential oil could be added to the bath water.
  • For oily skin, on wet cotton ball put 2-3 drops of patchouli essential oil and dab it on the skin. For oily hair, 2-3 drops of patchouli essential oil should be added to the nickel size amount of unscented shampoo. Shampoo as normal and then rinse. Add 2-3 drops of patchouli essential oil to the diffuser which helps to relieve the stress related emotional disorders.
  • Regularly add 2-3 drops of patchouli essential oil to the diffuser which helps to reduce the appetite. Or add 8-10 drops of patchouli essential oil in a bath.
  • Water retention could be eased by adding 8-10 drops of patchouli essential oil to the bath water or massage the body with the mixture of 2-3 drops of patchouli essential oil with 1 ounce of carrier oil.
  • Dab the affected area of the wound by putting 2-3 drops of patchouli essential oil on a wet cotton ball.
  • The ant could be repelled by placing 2-3 drops of patchouli essential oil on a cotton ball and place it to the areas. The athlete’s foot could be cured by rubbing 2-3 drops of Patchouli essential oil to the infected area.
  • The Patchouli essential oil could boost the immune system. 1-2 drops of Patchouli essential oil should be applied to the reflex points of the feet.
  • Dab 2-3 drops of patchouli essential oil by placing it to the cotton ball which helps to prevent the body odor.
  • 2-3 drops of essential oil should be added to the shampoo and wash the hair as normal or massage the scalp with the oil and let it remain for 20-30 minutes. This aids in hair loss.
  • 5 drop Peppermint, 5 drops Patchouli and 5 drops sweet orange should be added to the personal inhaler and inhale it. Or 5-6 drops of Angelica root should be added to the aroma diffuser and it should be diffused for 30-60 minutes.
  • 2-3 drops of Patchouli oil should be rubbed to the infected area to prevent from infections.
  • 2-3 drop of Patchouli oil should be rubbed to the palms of hands and breathe by cup over the nose. The remaining oil should be massaged to the neck, temples and chest. It is effective to treat insomnia.
  • The sitz bath should be added 1 drop of Tea Tree essential oil, 1 drop Patchouli and 2 teaspoons Tamanu oil and shake the water before soaking the skin. It is used to treat urinary tract infection.
  • A couple drops of patchouli essential oil should be added to the shampoo or conditioner in order to treat oily hair. Before rinsing it should be left for few minutes. It is best for oily hair.
  • Apply 1 drop of Patchouli mixed with 1 tsp. of rosehip oil to the throat, face and back of hands. It should be left to soak in for few minutes and then washed with warm water. It helps to treat wrinkles.

Traditional Uses of Patchouli:

  • In the Philippines, leaves and tops are used as insecticide - as a repellent of cockroaches, moths, ants, etc.
  • For arthritis and rheumatism, crushed leaves are applied on affected parts.
  • Infusion of fresh leaves for given for dysmenorrhea; also as emmenagogue.
  • Infusion of leaves, dried tops or roots used for scanty urination.
  • Leaves and tops employed in baths; used for antirheumatic action.
  • In India, infusion of leaves, flowering spikes or dried tops and root used as diuretic and carminative; used with Ocimum sanctum for scanty urine and biliousness. This infusion is reported to occasionally cause loss of appetite and sleep, and nervous attacks.
  • In Malaysia and Japan, has been used as antidote for venomous snake and insect bites.
  • In traditional Chinese medicine, used for colds, fever, headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain, to stimulate the appetite.
  • In Uruguay, infusion of leaves used for nervous troubles; roots considered stimulant.
  • In traditional Asian folk medicine, patchouli oil used for the treatment of dandruff, skin irritation and dryness, acne, and eczema.

Culinary Uses of Patchouli:

  • Oil used as ingredient in foods and beverages.

Other Uses of Patchouli:

  • Leaves and tops used as insecticide repellent for cockroaches, moths, ants, etc. Juice of leaves rubbed on hands and feet for climbing mountains to repel leeches (limatiks).
  • Leaves used with gogo for washing hair. Also, used as hair conditioner for dreadlocks.
  • In India, used as ingredient in tobacco smoking.
  • Patchouli fragrant oil is an ingredient in cosmetic and perfumes, shampoos, toilet soaps, household cleaners and detergents. It is an ingredient in Asian incense. During the hippie decades of the 80s and 90s, there was a surge in the commerce of oil and incense.
  • Used in aromatherapy for its calming effect.


Patchouli Essential Oil helps to get over from the feeling of sadness. It boosts the mood and relaxes tension. It stimulates to release the pleasure hormones such as feeling of anger, anxiety, sadness, serotonin and dopamine.


The irritation and inflammation caused by the fever is also relieved. It also treats the skin conditions such as gout and arthritis.


Patchouli essential oil prevents the infections of the wounds and ulcers. The antiseptic properties of the Patchouli essential oil prohibit infections such as tetanus as well.


The sexual problems such as loss of libido, erectile dysfunctions, sexual anxiety, impotency and frigidity are also treated by the Patchouli oil. It vitalizes the sexual hormones such as testosterone and estrogen which enhances the sex drive.


It intensifies the hold of gums on the teeth, prevents hair loss, sagging skin and loosening of muscle tissue. The astringent properties of patchouli oil eliminate hemorrhaging by the contraction of blood vessels. It has an anti-aging substance which prevents from the loosening of skin and muscle.


Patchouli essential oil promotes the healing process of cuts and wounds and also fades the scars. It also eradicates the marks of the acne, measles, boils and pox.


Patchouli essential oil enhances the growth of new bodily cells. It also increases the red blood cells production with the enhancement of energy levels which raises the oxygenation of organs and cells in the body. It provides the young, healthy and vibrant skin.


It enhances the urination frequency as well as quantity. This helps to increase appetite, lower blood pressure, lose weight, lower cholesterol and eliminates the unwanted toxins from the body. It increases urination which also removes unnecessary salts, excess water and uric acid due to which it lessens the chances of gallbladder stones, kidney stones and gout.

Emotional, Spiritual and Psychological:

Patchouli Essential Oil is deeply relaxing and sedating, and can greatly improve a mediation practice by soothing the mind from excess thoughts and worry. Its deep and musky scent can be arousing, allowing a sense of confidence and freedom. Try adding a few drops to a body massage oil or diffuser.


The body temperature of patchouli essential oil is reduced when having fever by counteracting infections. The antiphlogistic properties of patchouli essential oil help to relieve the inflammation caused by fever. The pain and inflammation related to the fever are also reduced.


Patchouli essential oil is effective at treating the infections and growth of fungus and protects from the notorious infections such as Athlete’s Foot.


It helps to provide relief from inflammation, convulsions, epileptic attacks caused by the hyper-reactivity of nerves or hypertension. The sedative and antidepressant properties of patchouli essential oil help to relax the body. The sign of insomnia is reduced by improving the cognitive function, mood and metabolic rate.

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