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Citronella (Cymbopogon winterianus / Cymbopogon nardus)Health Benefits of Citronella / Eliminates Insects and Pests: (Repellent Mosquitos, Larvicidal and Molluscicidal) /  Kills Bacterial Infections: (Infections, Antifungal, Parasites, Oral or Vaginal Candida, Aspergillosis, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Acaricidal) / Psychological Benefits: (Stress, Anxiety and Fear, Depression, Acts as a Relaxant, Improves Mood, Mental Health) / Treats Sleep Disorders: / Skin Care: (Skin Aging (Wrinkles), Skin Infections, Oily Skin, Lighten Skin, Augments Skin, Pimples and Acne, Scalp, Bad Body Odor, Natural Deodorant, Antiseptic, Wounds) / Hair Care: (Natural Shampoo and Conditioner, Hair Growth, Frizzy Hair, Lice) / Pet Care: / Relieves Pain and Cramps: (Spasms) / Reduces Inflammation: Respiratory Health: (Cold and Flu, Fever) / Boosts Immune System: / Improves Digestive Health: (Stomach Disorders, Healthy Gut, Intestinal Worms, Food Poisoning (Salmonella)) / Supports Weight Loss: (Matabolism) / Neurological Health: (Controls Convulsions) / Kidney Health: (Detox the Body, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Stimulates Urination, Kidney Stones, Diaphoretic, Benefits for the Renal System) / Supports Cardiovascular Health - Heart Health: (High Blood Pressure, Blood Circulation, Hypertension) / Diabetes: / Natural Perfume or Room Spray: / Kitchen Cleaner: / Cleans the House: | Therapeutic Benefits of CitronellaUses of Citronella:(Traditional Uses of Citronella, Other Uses of Citronella)Properties of Citronella Essential Oil

Citronella is actually a grass which mostly grows in certain Asian countries and a few islands of the South Pacific. It features a rich, crisp lemony aroma and therefore bears the name Citronella. The essential oil of citronella is obtained from two types of citronella. The first is the Ceylon variety, whose medical name is Cymbopogon Nardus and also the second one is Java variety, known as Cymbopogon Winterianus in botanical terminology. In both cases, the essential oil is taken out by steam distillation of the fresh plant.

While the first variety produces an oil whose primary ingredients are citronellol, citronellal, geraniol, limonene and methyl isoeugenol, the oil extracted from the second variety consists of citronellal, geraniol, geranyl acetate and limonene since its chief constituents, along with geraniol and citronellal higher in concentrations compared to former variety. Therefore, the oil extracted from the Java variety is regarded as high quality. The main producers of the essential oil usually are China and Indonesia. This particular oil is additionally made by particular other Asian, South & Latin American and African nations in smaller amounts.

The main chemical constituents of Citronella Ceylon Oil, which is derived from the Cymbopogon nardus botanical, are Geraniol, Camphene, Limonene, Methyl isoeugenol, Geranyl acetate, Borneol, Citronellal, and Citronellol.

The main chemical constituents of Citronella Java Oil, which is derived from the Andropogon nardus botanical, are Citronellal, Geraniol, Citronellol, Limonene, and Geranyl acetate.

Due to its higher Geraniol and Citronellal content, Java is the variety that is believed to be of higher quality. Both oils vary in color from a pale yellow to a brownish shade; however, the Java variety generally has a fresher, lemony scent reminiscent of Lemon Essential Oil while the Ceylon variety may have a warm, woody nuance to its citrus aroma.

Citronella essential oil has a host of health benefits that span across different bodily mechanisms. It helps to fight off and eliminate any bacteria in the system, and can optimize digestive functions and kidney function. It functions as a diuretic, diaphoretic, and even helps reduce fever in the body. It has anti-inflammatory properties.

Citronella essential oil is known for its role as a stimulant, it increases the circulation of blood, optimizes the nervous system, and even improves the excretory system. It adds value to the digestive system by also getting rid of round and tape worms. It is widely used as an insect repellant in a lot of countries and prohibits fungal growth.

Citronella essential oil also removes odors from the body. It acts as a toner. It also helps fight off depression by lifting up the spirits. Furthermore, it is also used to deal with various issues such as oily skin and hair, migraines, fatigue, nausea, headache, abnormal palpitations, and abdominal pain that is caused by gas or cramps.

Eliminates Insects and Pests:

Unwanted insects can cause a whole world of problems. They can be carriers of bacteria and viruses that can make you sick. They can get in your food and contaminate it, leading to food poisoning. They can even bite you, leading to a range of problems from rashes and itching to fever and hallucinations. Certain insects, such as mosquitoes, can lead to dengue, malaria, and yellow fever. There are some studies in which are found that citronella essential oil is very effective on a species of mosquito known as Aedes Aegypti whose bite is the cause for dreaded yellow fever.

Citronella is a grass that grows in Asia and the South Pacific. Citronella essential oil is long known for its insect repellent properties. The lemony smell drives the mosquitoes away from your home and since they do not like the smell, they won’t come back soon. Citronella essential oil contains volatile oils that irritate mosquitoes in particular. It also works well on lice, black flies, fleas, ants, ticks and body and head lous.

The University of Maryland Medical Center study on "Insect bites and stings" talks about a study where "Citronella candles reduced the number of female mosquitoes caught in traps by 35%; linalool candles reduced female mosquitoes by 65%; and geraniol candles reduced female mosquitoes by 82%". Citronella essential oil has citronellal, linalool and geraniol content in it, thus making it the most effective insect repellent on earth.

Generally speaking, diffusers and sprays are more effective in preventing insect bites than Citronella candles, the latter of which burn off a significant amount of the aromatic oils.

It has been registered in the United States since 1948 for this purpose. Citronella oil has been regarded as biopesticide with a non-toxic action by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. It is also considered as a natural alternative to chemical-based insect repellents like DEET. However, Citronella oil is not nearly as effective as DEET (N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide), a chemical repellent that offers up to 35 times more protection. In areas where mosquito-borne infections like malaria or Zika virus are common, citronella-based repellents will likely fall short. Citronella oil is really a natural, non-toxic option to chemical insect repellents like DEET, therefore, is often the favored choice. Available too are solid products like Citronella oil insect repelling candles and cartridges. Citronella oil is additionally utilized in a tablet or even pellet form in recreational or outdoor household areas and around trees and shrubs. Additionally, there are animal collars and tags that contains Citronella oil for pets along with other domestic animals to repel fleas. A mix of the Citronella oil as well as Cedarwood Virginian oil likewise helps to reject mosquitoes.

A 2015 study “The topical application of citronella oil can be employed as an easily-available, affordable and effective alternative mosquito repellent to prevent mosquito-borne diseases in rural areas such as Tikapur, Nepal" published in Rural Remote Health States, compared the ability of DEET, Citronella oil, and Fennel oil to repel mosquitoes. Researchers found that DEET had a protection rating of over 90% over six hours. Citronella and Fennel oil had protection ratings of about 57% and 47%, respectively, after only two hours.

There is much controversy about the effectiveness of Citronella and its protection from bites, there is certainly research to back it up. In 2011, an analysis of 11 studies on the capabilities of Citronella oil to repel mosquitoes was published in the Journal of Tropical Medicine & International Health. Researchers found that when combined with Vanillin (a compound found in Vanilla beans), the oil did indeed provide protection for up to three hours.

Additionally, research was published in The Israel Medical Association Journal which showed how Citronella can be effective in helping to prevent head lice too. It proved how this oil can be valuable in improving the prevention against head lice as well. If you are treating this oil as a pest repulsive agent, it must be mixed in an almost 2% concentration to evade skin soreness.

A 2008 study on "Characterization and mosquito repellent activity of Citronella oil nanoemulsion" by the National Science and Technology Development Agency, Thailand published in PubMed suggested that Citronella oil showed a release rate that related well to the protection time, contributing to a prolonged mosquito protection time.

Citronella essential oil has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a nontoxic way to effectively repel insects that’s safe for the environment. It also works to repel flies and fleas, both of which can carry a host of illnesses. Mix a few drops with a carrier oil and rub onto the skin to keep the bugs at bay.

To use this Citronella essential oil as an insect repellent, use a few drops in a burner, vaporizer, or diffuser. Works especially well if used by an open window. Be careful if used indoors, as it can adversely affect caged birds. You may place the birds in another room while you repel insects.

If you are using this oil as an insect repellent, it is vital that it is diluted at around a 2% dilution to avoid skin irritation. If Citronella is being used alone to repel insects, research indicates that it needs to be reapplied every 30 minutes to 1 hour to remain bite free. Some researchers recommend mixing Citronella with other bug battling essential oils such as Lemon Eucalyptus, neem and Lemongrass.

Adding 2 to 3 drops of Citronella oil in your air freshener, diffuser or vaporizer can assist in repelling insects. As it has been marked as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the United States Food and Drug Administration, Citronella oil can also be used to prevent flea infestations on your pets. Mixing 5 drops of Citronella oil to 10 ml of Coconut oil and applying on your skin can guard you against mosquitoes and other insect stings and bites.

Repellent Mosquitos:

A 2005 study "Evaluation of anti-mosquito properties of essential oils" published in Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research by Mohini Makhaik, Satya Narayan Naik, and Dhananjay Kumar Tewary valuated essential oils from C. deodora, E. citriodora, C. flexuosus, Cymbopogon winterianus, P. roxburghii, S. aromaticum and T. minuta for bioactivity against adults of Culex quinquefasciatus and Aedes aegypti. Results showed C. winterianus and S. aromaticum to be equi-effective and most effective against both mosquito species.

Larvicidal and Molluscicidal:

A 2013 study "Molluscicidal and larvicidal activities and essential oil composition of Cymbopogon winterianus" published in Pharmaceutical Biology by Rodrigues KA, Dias CN, do Amaral FM, Moraes DF, Mouchrek Filho VE, Andrade EH, Maia JG evaluated the molluscicidal and larvicidal activities of essential oil of C. winterianus. Results showed moderate larvicidal activity against the larvae of A. salina and can justify its use in the aquatic environment without affecting other living organisms.

Citronella Candles:

An option if you are exposed in the outdoors is to use a Citronella candle. Citronella and Citronella candles work because the oil masks the scents that mosquitoes and other insects find so attractive namely human lactic acid and carbon dioxide.

Researchers from Guelph University in Ontario have studied how effective Citronella candles are at repelling mosquitoes. They used a 3% concentration and found that the candles managed to cause a 42% reduction in mosquito landings.

Kills Bacterial Infections:

Citronella essential oil is rich in methyl isoeugenol, which helps with killing bacteria and inhibiting the further growth of bacteria in the body. As a result, this can help with treating any infections that occur in wounds due to bacteria, along with infections in the colon, urinary tracts, prostate, kidneys, stomach, urinary bladder, and urethra.

If present in correct amounts it can be utilized to sterilize and accelerate tissue regeneration and if the oil is “food grade”, it can be consumed orally to provide relief from aches due to infections in the urinary tract, bladder, gastrointestinal tract, colon, and the kidneys. 

This oil can also be used in the process of eliminating parasites and worms present in the intestines due to the presence of high content of geraniol, which is a phytochemical having a powerful anti-helminthic mechanism, and it can eliminate internal parasites with preventing your body from any damage.

With a refreshing, garden-fresh citrus scent, this oil is an excellent add-on in your natural house mopping items. This oil will disinfect kitchen exteriors, washroom, floorings, and all while giving a delightful chemical-free fragrance in your house

These qualities make this oil a perfect air freshener as well while keeping your home free from any airborne pathogens.

According to a research report published in the Microbios Journal, components like methyl isoeugenol and a few others that are found in Citronella essential oil are responsible for inhibiting any kind of bacterial growth. They kill bacteria and inhibit any further bacterial growth in the body.


The antiseptic properties of citronella essential oil make it helpful in fighting infections both internally, such as a urinary tract infection, and externally, such as an open wound. Not only can it stimulate the healing process, it can prevent further infection, such as sepsis, from setting in.


Fungal infections can occur anywhere in the body but they are particularly common in the ear, nose and throat. Such infections are extremely common and if left unchecked, can lead to a host of problems. Citronella essential oil helps kill and prevent the growth of fungi that can harm your body. It also helps cure fungal dysentery.

This microorganism is a frequent cause of respiratory infections, especially in patients with a weakened immune system. In the study, citronella oil helped to destroy the cell wall of the fungus and fight the microorganisms in the cells. Because of this, researchers determined that it could work as a natural and ecological fungicide. Multiple reports have analyzed that this oil has unique antifungal characteristics that may aid in reducing or eliminating particular types of moulds that can because of your health issues.

A publication from 2016 published in the Medical Journal Acta Odontologica Scandinavica observed at the usefulness of Citronella oil and Cinnamon oil in battling with Candida albicans, a mould that is a cause of infections in the oral and other areas of your body. Both of these volatile oils, on the starting, limited the number of feasible microorganisms. However, after forty-eight hours the result was not considerable. The writers recommend that daily usage of a blend of either oil may be potent in diminishing this fungus from your body.

Right now, we still need more research to prove the effects. However, it’s important to note that in 2016 study found that it can be useful in treating fungi like Candida Albicans.

According to a 2014 report published in the Biological Research Journal, Citronella oil kills fungus and inhibits fungal growth. This is very useful in countering fungal infections in the ear, nose and throat region. Contracting fungal infections in the ears are very common and can be very serious. It eliminates fungal infections in other parts of the body as well and helps cure fungal dysentery.

A 2013 study experts assessed the antifungal action of this oil with a type of fungus known as Aspergillus niger. This ordinary mould is considered to cause lung and sinus infestations in people with weak defence systems. The researchers founded that this oil could terminate the cell wall of the fungus and eradicate the organisms within the cell that might be a cause of infection. It led the researchers to propose, this oil may have the capacity to be used as a harmless and ecological, affable fungicide.

An earlier study looked at the antibacterial and antifungal activity of ten essential oils and found that citronella oil was effective against all 12 fungi that were tested. The same study found that Citronella oil managed to inhibit 15 of 22 bacteria, while Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Orange oils were effective against all 22 bacterial strains.

Additionally, studies have found that it it can be used in mouthwashes to kill harmful bacteria in the mouth, and it has a lower cytotoxic effect and higher action compared to some other commercial solutions.

To use Citronella oil topically, always dilute it in a 1:1 ration with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil. As an easy-to-make home remedy for acne, try dabbing one drop of pure citronella essential oil mixed with one drop of coconut oil on blemishes three times a day using a sterile cotton swab.

Massaging your system with 10 drops of Citronella oil blended with 10 ml of olive oil can be effective in treating bacterial infections in the stomach, kidneys, liver, intestines, prostate, bladder, colon and the urinary passages.

Adding 2 drops of Citronella oil in warm bathing water can be of great assistance in treating external fungus problems in fingers, skin, toes and scalp and also effective in treating internal fungus infections causing fungal dysentery, vaginal infections, lung growth caused by weakened resistance and certain other health conditions.


Citronella oil is used to expel worms and parasites from the intestines. In vitro research shows that geraniol also has strong anti-helminthic activity. This means it effectively expels parasitic worms and other internal parasites by either stunning or killing them without causing any damage to the host.

This is precisely the reason that Citronella is used to prevent both internal and external infections and why it can play a central role in a parasite cleanse.

Oral or Vaginal Candida:

Fungal infections occur when the fungi outnumber other microorganisms in the body.A safe and natural way to combat fungal infections is with citronella oil.Citronella oil is natural. It means the oil can help control fungal strains that have grown resistant to medication.

Candida albicans are a type of fungus usually found in the mouth, vagina, skin, and digestive tract  These fungal species exist in small amounts and usually does not cause any problem. But, when it begins to outnumber other microorganisms, an infection may arise. Luckily, you can treat oral and vaginal candida infections with citronella oil. It can inhibit both the growth and spread of fungi.

Researchers tested 12 essential oils for their efficacy to treat fungal infections. They found that Citronella oil was inhibiting the growth of fungi. It also prevented the formation of yeasts with a dosage of 200 micro g/ml. It’s indeed advisable to use natural antifungal agents like Citronella oil. Because some fungal strains are already resistant to commercial antifungal medications.

A 2011 study "Antifungal activity of Cymbopogon winterianus jowitt ex bor against Candida albicans" in Brazilian J. Microbiol. vol.42 no.2 by Wylly Araújo de Oliveira, Fillipe de Oliveira Pereira, Giliara Carol Diniz Gomes de Luna, Igara Oliveira Lima, Paulo Alves Wanderley, Rita Baltazar de Lima, Edeltrudes de Oliveira Lima investigated the activity of essential oil of Citronella against Candida albicans. Phytochemical analysis of essential oil yielded citronellal, 23.59%, geraniol, 18.81%, and citronellol, 11.74%. The essential oil showed concentration -dependent antifungal activity, similar to amphotericin B and nystatin.

Another 2005 study "Anti-Candida activity of Brazilian medicinal plants" in Ethnopharmacology, Vol 97, Issue 2 by Maria Cristina Teixeira Duarte et al  about essential oils and ethanol extracts from the leaves and roots of 35 medicinal plants commonly used in Brazil were screened for anti-Candida activity. The essential oils of 13 plants, including Cymbopogon winterianus, showed anti-Candida activity.


Aspergillosis is an infection caused by a type of fungus called Aspergillus. It’s a rare condition that usually doesn’t affect those who are healthy and fit. But, those who have a weak immune system or who suffer from lung problems are at risk of this condition. Active compounds in this oil may be useful in inhibiting the Aspergillus species. It also works on other types of fungi such as Penicillium and Eurotium.

Trichophyton mentagrophytes:

A 2011 study "Effects of Cymbopogon winterianus Jowitt ex Bor essential oil on the growth and morphogenesis of Trichophyton mentagrophytes" published in Brazilian J. Pharm. Science by Fillipe de Oliveira PereiraI, Paulo Alves Wanderley, Fernando Antônio Cavalcanti VianaI, Rita Baltazar de Lima; Frederico Barbosa de Sousa, Sócrates Golzio dos Santos, Edeltrudes de Oliveira Lima evaluated that Trichophyton mentagrophytes is a causative fungal agent of dermatophytosis. Study evaluated the antifungal activity of Citronella essential oil against T. mentagrophytes using measures of mycelial growth, germination of spores, fungal viability, morphogenesis, cell wall and cell membrane leakage test. Results showed antifungal activity. The action did not involve the cell wall but may involve the fungal plasma membrane. Study suggests a potential antifungal product, especially for treatment of dermatophytosis.


A 2014 study "Acaricidal properties of the formulations based on essential oils from Cymbopogon winterianus and Syzygium aromaticum plants" published in Parasitology Research by Valéria de Mello et al showed an acaricidal effects of contact formulations of essential oils when compared to commercial chemical products, and suggests further studies for an alternative for controlling cattle ticks. 

Psychological Benefits:


The aromatic compounds of this favorite plant are often incorporated into all manner of home “self-care” products such as candles, lotions, soaps, incense sticks, rub-ons, and much more. In each of these forms, Citronella has a naturally uplifting and happy smell, with research showing that it can be both uplifting and relaxing. It appears to work on both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, providing natural stress relief.

Citronella can contribute to natural stress relief when you diffuse it in your home or office to counteract a rough day. When inhaled, it can encourage relaxation, invigoration and pleasant memories, and it may even reduce trouble sleeping and depression. Some animal studies have even shown that inhalation of Citronella can help reduce appetite and potentially body weight, perhaps by reducing stress-related cravings.

Add a couple of drops of Peppermint, Citronella and Lavender essential oils in a diffuser or potpourri. This will spread a nice aroma in your living room while bestowing a soothing effect on the mind and body to provide effective relief from stress and anxiety.

This sort of diffuser also benefits in treating problems like bronchitis, congestion in the respiratory tract, excessive mucus production, etc. Never inhale Citronella oil directly as it causes damage to the lungs upon entering the respiratory tract. The important thing to keep in mind when doing so, however, is that Citronella is a strong oil that should always be diluted with a carrier oil such as Coconut oil to be on the safe side (some herbalists recommend an amount as low as 2% maximum, consult a naturopathic doctor before trying this).

Anxiety and Fear:

Anxiety is a normal emotion that everyone feels from time to time. It’s normal to worry about things like money matters, family, work related issues, and so on. But, sometimes anxiety starts to affect your life and daily activities. It will then prevent you from functioning. You may find trouble interacting with other people. Then you should start doing something about it.

Citronella can help prevent anxiety, muscle spasms, and stomach aches as well. Citronella can also be used for its anti-inflammatory properties and has shown promise in helping to heal rheumatoid arthritis as well. These are just a sampling of its benefits for relieving stress and healing the body in myriad ways, especially when applied topically.


Aside from the aforementioned floral scent, it also has notes of woodsiness and conjures up feelings of carefree summer days relaxing on the backyard patio or front porch, blowing bubbles or catching fireflies in glass jars. Citronella is also said to help those who suffer from depression. This oil fights depression and gives relief from anxiety, sadness, and negative feelings. It induces a fresh, happy feeling and hope.

For those who prefer to use all natural alternatives to medications, citronella essential oil can induce feelings of happiness and hope. A natural anti-depressant, it can also relieve anxiety and stress and lead to a better night’s sleep for those who have insomnia. Moreover, brain activity measured by an electroencephalogram (EEG) showed that the inhalation of citronella oil triggered higher alpha and beta brain waves. Although this suggests that citronella aromatherapy can aid in stress management and fatigue, there remains little evidence that it can effectively treat any medical condition.

Acts as a Relaxant:

The abundance of adaptogenic, and sedative properties in this essential oil not only improves the mood but is also soothing and relieves stress. It holds high significance in providing mental stability by regulating the stress hormone, i.e. serotonin which in turn reduces various symptoms of anxiety including restlessness, uneasiness, cold hands, and feet, etc. and bestows a fresh and happy feeling.

Improves Mood:

Citronella essential oil is really a known antidepressant. It is known to raise moods, remove feelings of depression and anxiety, decrease mental fatigue as well as promote happy feelings. The oil is known to encourage hope in people, that have an incredibly therapeutic effect on the mind. The oil provides mental stability as well as balance. Therefore, it will help in better decision making by bringing clarity in thought.

The fruity, woody and citrusy aroma of Citronella essential oil instills calmness and warmth on your mind, body and spirit. Conflict of thoughts and perceptions are often the reason of stress, frustration and depression. Inhaling Citronella oil added to a diffuser or vaporizer 3 drops has the power to grant mental clarity by pacifying the mental and emotional bodies that aids in determining the inner reasons for conflict.

To use, add some to the essential oil diffuser and you will feel relaxed. You may also add few drops on your handkerchief and sniff it throughout the day. Consult your doctor before using any essential oil products.

Mental Health:

Spiritually, Citronella essential oil has a positive impact on the Solar plexus chakra known as Manipura in Sanskrit. This chakra is responsible for courage, self respect, ambition, self esteem and self discipline.

Massaging your body with 10 drops of Citronella oil mixed with 10 ml of Virgin Olive oil can assist in releasing the energy of distrust responsible for aggravation, loneliness and disharmony between the self and society.

A 2001 study investigated the effects of inhaling Citronella, Lavender, and Rosemary essential oils. Lavender was found to have a relaxing effect and rosemary was found to have a stimulating effect on the brain. Citronella, on the other hand, had a more complex in-between effect. The writers suggest that the effects of citronella could vary by individual.

Treats Sleep Disorders:

Citronella oil is a safe and natural anxiolytic. It can help reduce anxiety, worry, and stress.It can also help you get a good night’s sleep. Proper sleep is necessary to recharge your body. It can also soothe your emotional wellbeing.

Citronella oil has a positive impact on people suffering from anxiety disorder. It can also help prolong the duration of sleep. It is crucial as there’s a vicious cycle that involves these two: sleep and anxiety. When you’re anxious, you find it hard to get a good sleep. And when you don’t get enough sleep, you become more anxious. That’s why, it helps to make use of Citronella, which can help you both ways.

A 2011 study "Volatile constituents and behavioral change induced by Cymbopogon winterianus leaf essential oil in rodents" published in African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 10 by Bárbara L. S. Leite, Thais T. Souza, Angelo R. Antoniolli, Adriana G. Guimarães, Rosana S. Siqueira, Jullyana S. S. Quintans, Leonardo R. Bonjardim, Péricles B. Alves, Arie F. Blank, Marco Antonio Botelho, Jackson R. G. S. Almeida, Julianeli T. Lima, Adriano A. S. Araújo and Lucindo J. Quintans-Júnior in animal model characterized a psychopharmacological effect of leaf essential oil on the CNS. The LEO increased the sleeping time induced by sodium pentobarbital in a dose-dependent manner, decreased ambulation without altering motor coordination. Results suggest LEO has CNS activities, as hypnotic, sedative, and antinociceptive, which might involve a central GABA-ergic system.

Skin Care:

This versatile oil can work wonders for the skin. It can help to heal dermatitis and eczema, slow down skin aging, reduce wrinkles, add a nice glow to your skin and improve the skin tone and treat fungal infections such as athlete’s foot. As part of a beauty routine, its antibacterial and astringent qualities make Citronella essential oil great for use on oily skin and as a remedy for acne.

To use this oil for maintaining a healthy and clear skin, simply mix 1 tablespoon of Citronella oil with 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil like Coconut oil or olive oil. Though Coconut oil works the best. Oil should be in liquid state. If Coconut is solid, warm it a bit to liquefy. Add a cotton ball in the oil and let it soak all the oil and wipe your face with it. Let it sit overnight and wash off in the morning. Do this only if you can sleep facing upwards or else you will end up spoiling your pillow.

Skin Aging (Wrinkles):

Due to aging our skin collagen gets damaged which hardens the skin. It ravages skin elasticity and suppleness. Dryness is another cause of the appearance of fine lines. Dryness directly affects the collagen that brings wrinkles on young skin too. Citronella oil is very light that stimulates the skin cells penetrating deep into the skin layers. Regular use prevents the skin from getting dull and wrinkle-prone making it youthful and supple. It can also slow the look of aging while enhancing the youthful appearance of the skin, and it has even been said by essential oil experts to improve the skin’s absorption of moisture.

Skin Infections:

To get rid of complications like fungal infections and ringworms add a few drops of Citronella oil to a bucket full of lukewarm water. Take bath with this water every day until the problem persists. This remedy also helps to reduce body odour.

Oily Skin:

2 drops of Citronella oil added to 1 ml of Jojoba oil or to your mild skin care cream or lotion can help in cleansing the skin, removing excess oil secretion, nourishing the skin cells from within, moisturizing the skin, tightening the pores, enhancing the skin complexion and leaving it soft and supple.

Lighten Skin:

This essential oil is very effective in brightening skin tone removing the dead cells. The oil has a detoxifying element that clears the pollution and filth deposits from the inner layers of the skin. It provides a natural glow to your skin maintaining the necessary oil balance. That is why this oil is used in various fairness creams and face washes. You may also add a few drops of Citronella oil to your daily face wash to get an unbelievable result.

Augments Skin:

The host of anti-bacterial properties of this aromatic oil plays a crucial role in treating skin infections like acne, warts, boils, etc. Use of Citronella oil-based beauty products improves complexion by evening out the skin tone, clear blocked pores, and also reduces various signs of ageing. Owing to the antiseptic nature, the oil also prevents wounds and injuries and facilitates healing.

Pimples and Acne:

The acne-clearing and other skin complimenting benefits of Citronella oil makes it popular ingredient in many sunscreen lotions, fairness creams and moisturizing lotions. As the Citronella oil is a good source of antioxidants, it dismays the germs reacting to the skin. It purifies the skin removing growing acnes and pimples completely and provides healthy skin.

A 2006 study by Steve Ritter on "Citronella oil: Mixture of terpenes in plant oil provides a relatively safe way to stave off pesky flying insects" says “Citronella oil, containing a mix of terpenes (geranial and citronellal), has been used in personal care products for more than 50 years and has very low human toxicity”.


Together with offering conditioner to the scalp, it will help in giving an excellent control to the oiliness that occurs on the scalp and hair. Added benefit comes on the form of smooth and soft hair strands that you’ll definitely adore.

Bad Body Odor:

Citronella oil features a citrusy lemon type of flavor that efficiently reduces the bad body odor. The smell is long-lasting. Its lemon-like fragrance destroys the odor-causing bacteria. Thus, it helps you stay fresh throughout the day.

You can also enjoy a bath with this beautiful aromatic oil. For that, draw a bath with lukewarm water. The oil could be combined with bath water so as to get a natural fragrance of the body. Add a few drops of Citronella oil to the water. Soak your body in it for ten to fifteen minutes to get rid of your bad odor. But make sure to add only a little amount of this oil as too much of this oil may make your skin feel irritated.

Natural Deodorant:

Having a strong fragrance with lighter floral notes and lemon, this gives a pleasant sweet scent when applied as a deodorant. For those who are anti-tolerant to chemical-based body scents, this is a natural deodorizer, you can make at home with some simple ingredients.

In a glass bowl, add about ½ cup of extra virgin coconut oil, 2 tbsp of baking soda, 4 drops each of Lemongrass oil and Citronella oil. Mix all the ingredients properly. Store this in an emptied roll-on deodorant container and put inside the refrigerator.

You can apply this every day after bathing with gentle strokes on the underarms. When not in use, you can put it back in the fridge. Using citronella essential oil for overall healthcare gives you several benefits. However, it is advised to stop using it if you notice any complications.


The antiseptic properties of this essential oil fight infections in wounds, as well as the urinary tracts, urethra, prostate and kidneys, while simultaneously protecting them from being sepsis. Use diluted Citronella essential oil to clean a wound.

Wound Healing:

Citronella oil’s antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties may help to speed up the healing of wounds and cuts. However, research in this area is limited and more studies need to be done on humans to determine how effective it is.

Doctors even recommend it for patients with diabetic neuropathy, whose injuries tend to be difficult to heal. In a study published in Frontiers in Pharmacology they found that this essential oil has the potential to speed up healing of wounds.

In a 2016 animal study, researchers looked at the effect that Citronella oil had on the healing of Candida-infected wounds in a diabetic mouse model. The Citronella oil had both an antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect. The researchers suggested that the combination of these two factors led to accelerated wound healing.

Hair Care:

The high limonene and methyl isoeugenol content in Citronella oil makes it effective in regulating and decreasing the amount of sebum oil produced by the scalp, combating greasy hair. It also soothes and nourishes a dry or itchy scalp, eliminates dandruff and can prevent head lice.

To use, add few drops of this oil to any home made hair mask. You may also add this oil to Coconut oil and use it as a hot oil hair treatment but make sure you add the essential oil after warming the Coconut oil. Few drops of this amazing oil can be added in your shampoo before using it for a moisturizing effect and tame frizzy hair.

Using two drops of this essential oil in your regular shampoo will make your tresses smoother while reducing scalp itchiness, fungal infections, and dandruff problems.

Natural Shampoo and Conditioner:

For hair, Citronella oil is an excellent addition to a shampoo or conditioning product, as it can help protect your hair from sun damage, boosts hair volume, and removes tangles while conditioning the hair leaving it smooth, silky, and lustrous.

To use citronella oil for hair, add several drops to your shampoo or conditioner, or try making your own homemade recipe using a cleansing oil like Coconut oil, which also benefits hair.

Mix 5 to 6 drops of Citronella oil in 8 to 10 ml of mild shampoo and apply it gently on your scalp and hair. Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly for a never before shiny, clean and lustrous hair.

Hair Growth:

If you are looking for deep hair conditioning, treat hair loss problems and promote the growth of newer follicles, apply this oil mask before bedtime and leave overnight. Over time, this will make your hair soft, glowing, and voluminous reducing hair fall and breakages.

With a simple oil massage with Citronella essential oil for hair growth, you can achieve thick hair volume. In a glass bowl, take ¼ cup of pure almond oil. To this, mix 2 drops of citronella oil. Stir well and apply this to the entire scalp and hair massaging gently without exerting any pressure. Allow 20 minutes for the oil to get fully absorbed into the hair strands and scalp. Apply any mild organic shampoo to rinse your hair. Try this massage once every week to get effective results.

Frizzy Hair:

Whenever you combine a few drops of Citronella oil within the regular shampoo, it will help in adding volume to the hair in addition to de tangles them well. Frizzy hair strands may also be controlled by doing this.


Technically, this could still fall under the umbrella of bug repellent. Head lice is so much more invasive, difficult to control, and completely different from typical pests that it deserves its own mention.

In one study on citronella and head lice, a slow-release formula was developed and applied on children’s heads when they were at risk for head lice contraction. The study was conducted as a blind control, so they were able to compare prevention results. At the end of four months, the kids who had Citronella were much less likely to contract head lice than the kids without.

Citronella essential oil won’t be slow-release, but it can still be used beneficially. Mix a drop into morning shampoo when lice is a threat. Wash, then rinse off.

Pet Care:

Perhaps the strangest and most interesting benefit of Citronella essential oil is its effect on dogs. Although it might sound strange, rather than using an electric shock, Citronella oil can help get dogs to stop barking. This is why there are anti-barking collars that contain Citronella.

According to the ASPCA, in a veterinary hospital, research has shown that a Citronella collar can be at least as effective for eliminating barking as an electronic collar, and it’s typically viewed more positively by dog owners. The scentless collar helped more than half of the dogs to cut back on barking. But the Citronella collar cut it back by nearly 80%.

Try adding a drop of Citronella oil to your dog’s collar to see if it helps him to tone it down a bit. You can also use Citronella to keep your dogs off of furniture. As a bonus, when you spray Citronella on your furniture or linens, it keeps them free from bacteria, pests and odors.

Add several drops to a spray bottle along with water, shake it up and spray it throughout your home and on household items.

Relieves Pain and Cramps:

The presence of powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and pain-relieving properties of the active component Citronellal, this oil is extensively used for providing relief from pain and inflammation in case of arthritis and joint pain. Being a natural vasodilator, and providing a warming effect, it is also used to treat painful cramps, muscle spasms, sore muscles as well as neuralgia.

The many antioxidant properties of Citronella essential oil have been shown to increase blood flow and stimulate circulation throughout the body. This can work well to ease symptoms in those who suffer from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Due to its antioxidant properties, Citronella can be used as a natural pain-relieving treatment. It can help with management of inflammation and painful symptoms like joint aches.

Citronellal, found more prominently in the Java variety, takes us far outside of our bug spray expectations right off the bat. Brazilian researchers looked closely at the actions that citronellal had on the body, and what they found was exciting and promising.

When testing mice for pain receptors and responses, the application of citronellal changed their responses significantly. Pain responses slowed, pain tolerance increased, and the researchers were able to identify pathways in which the changes occurred.

It was definitely lab results of a live murine study. But it can tell us a bit about the potential that citronella oil carries. And because it’s safe in topical dilutions, there’s no reason not to give it a try. Dilute into Coconut oil or other topical preparation as a potential pain relieving massage.

A 2000 review published in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry studied 34 different citrus essential oils and their components for radical-scavenging activities. Researchers found that many citrus volatile components, including the main type found in Citronella called geraniol, had high antioxidant capabilities for fighting free radicals that can cause disease and cellular damage.

Citronella essential oil has tonic properties that support and strengthen the nervous system, digestive system, excretory system and the endocrine system. By this way, massaging your body with 10 drops of Citronella oil blended with 10 ml of Coconut oil can help in enhancing the immune power, hormone secretion, brain functions and blood circulation. This also helps in relieving pain including arthritic pain, migraine, rheumatic pain, muscular and joint pain, dysmennorhea, back pain and headache.

The easiest method to utilize the oil is usually to add 3 drops of Citronella oil to a carrier oil like Coconut oil and massage on the painful joints. The oil may also be used to lessen muscle pains. The oil includes a warming effect that relieves cramps as well as spasms within the muscles. The oil is an extremely efficient spasmodic helping in providing rest from stomach cramps as well.


Citronella essential oil is also known for providing relief from spasms, especially with the spasms that occur in the respiratory system, muscular system, and even the nervous system. Furthermore, it can also help with menstrual spasms, and also provides a lot of relief from coughs and cramps in the body. It reduces spasms of the muscles, respiratory system as well as nervous system. It may also help to stop menstrual spasms and provides rest from symptoms including cramps as well as coughs.

Reduces Inflammation:

When it comes to inflammation present in the stomach, liver, respiratory system, and intestines, Citronella essential oil can be used to reduce it significantly. Whilst inflammation is a valid healing response by the body, persistent low level inflammation can lead to a whole host of problems and exacerbate existing ones such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Citronellal is the chief compound found in Citronella oil, with research studies showing it exhibits a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It also contains potent antioxidant compounds that aid in the removal of free radicals, one of the major causes of persistent inflammation. It works especially well to fight inflammation in the GI tract and can ease digestion.

There are research studies, which show this oil proving as a potent anti-inflammatory compound. This oil also has strong antioxidant compounds that help in the elimination of free radicals, one of the main causes of continuous inflammation caused by a continuous injury.

A 2017 research paper published in the Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Journal states that Citronella essential oil sedates inflammation, particularly those situations which pertain to the liver, stomach, intestines and other parts of the digestive system.

It can be extremely soothing when diluted with a carrier oil and applied onto sore or exhausted muscles, inflamed joints and into the lumbar region for menstrual convulsions. This oil may aid in limiting the inflammation present in your digestive tract, liver, and stomach.

Respiratory Health:

Cold and Flu:

The anti-inflammatory properties of Citronella oil help reduce any inflammation, and the anti-microbial properties help eliminate bacteria and other microbes like cold and flu that might be responsible for making you sick. It has diaphoretic property which can increase the perspiration. Together, this helps in reducing your fever.


Using Citronella essential oil can help reduce fevers due to a combination of its effects. The diaphoretic properties help flush out toxins from the body and also decrease the body’s temperature and it will fight fever.

Boosts Immune System:

Citronella is nevertheless a Swiss Army knife for the wide variety of immune system-boosting effects it provides. As you may have guessed from its usefulness as an insect repellent, Citronella is powerful against all forms of invaders and is especially potent as an antifungal agent.

A 2013 study found that extracts from the plant are effective against a common fungus known to cause lung and sinus infections in people with weakened immune systems, Aspergillus niger. The study found that the oil is capable of destroying the cell wall of the fungus and can kill organisms within the cell that lead to infection.

Another study tested Citronella against 12 different types of fungi and found that it was capable of killing all 12. It also found that it was capable of being effective against 15 of 22 different strains of bacteria as well.

As the complexity of these studies and results shows, winning the battle at the cellular level against hostile bacteria, fungal infections, viruses and other invaders is a complex and never-ending battle, which is why many different types of natural medicines should be utilized whenever possible. Citronella may not be the first one that comes to mind for these purposes, but the results speak for themselves: this is a high potency natural medicine that works wonders for keeping the body and environment clean, and your immune system well-stocked to take on any number of threats.

These reasons and more are why we chose to include Citronella as one of the 18 ingredients in Radiate Immunity. A blend of 18 botanicals for circumventing stress, and compromised lung and immune health. The other 17 ingredients have many benefits and value on their own for stress adaption, repairing the gut lining, and fortifying the immune system as a whole.

Improves Digestive Health:

Health benefits of Citronella essential oil are extremely serious. The oil works well for eliminating worms health benefits of Citronella oil from the stomach and intestines. It is just a natural de-worming solution for the body. Additionally, the oil boosts appetite as well as encourages urine production, therefore serving as an effective natural diuretic. The oil will help with solving the problem of water retention. Muscle spasms within the stomach could be controlled with the aid of this oil.

Stomach Disorders:

Using this oil can help deal with a host of stomach problems. Its anti-inflammatory qualities can help with inflammation in the stomach or intestines. It also protects the stomach from various infections and contributes towards the smooth functioning of the digestive system.

Healthy Gut:

The potent anti-inflammatory and deworming properties of this oil work well for eliminating worms and microbes from the stomach and intestines. In the case of food poisoning, it soothes the stomach lining and restores the balance. Being a natural diuretic, it encourages urine production while the digestive property of the oil not only helps in digestion but also upsurges appetite.

Intestinal Worms:

Worms and parasites in the stomach and intestines hinder the normal metabolic functions and lead to delayed physical and mental activities of the body. It is effective on both roundworms and tapeworms. Since the presence of worms interferes with the normal physical and mental growth and also with the absorption of nutrients by the body, the use of this oil can greatly increase your quality of life by eliminating those dangerous parasites.

This essential oil can kill intestinal worms. This essential oil should be administered in mild doses to children because they are most prone to worms. It is very effective on both tape worms and round worms. The presence of worms interferes with the normal mental and physical growth and with the absorption of nutrients by the body. The use of the Citronella essential oil can increase the quality of your life by eliminating those dangerous parasites.

2 drops of Citronella oil added to diffuser or vaporizer along with massaging your abdomen with 5 drops of this oil mixed with 3 ml of sesame oil can assist in killing intestinal worms and parasites and stimulate the normal functioning of the digestive system and enhancing the process of absorption of essential nutrients in food, toning the lining muscles of stomach and intestines and supporting the process of excretion.

Food Poisoning (Salmonella):

One of the worst things that could happen to you anywhere is food poisoning. When you consume food contaminated with bacteria, you suffer from unpleasant symptoms. Those symptoms would make it difficult to carry on with your normal routine. A common type of food poisoning is salmonellosis.

The cause of this poisoning is a kind of bacteria called Salmonella enterica. Typical symptoms include stomach pain, diarrhea, and fever. These symptoms may appear 12 to 72 hours after consumption of contaminated food. The problem can last from four days to one week. You can shorten the pain and suffering by using citronella oil. It may have inhibitory effects on salmonella bacteria. This oil can control the growth and spread of bacteria. Also, it can soothe the symptoms caused by the infection.

Supports Weight Loss:

A 2015 study in rats published in Journal Nutrients assessed the effects of inhaling citronella oil and some of its components on weight. Researchers found that inhaling the components of Citronella oil decreased feeding, lowered cholesterol, and slowed weight gain. More studies need to be done to determine how effective it is with weight loss in humans.

Citronella oil isn’t a miracle solution to lose weight. However, it could help people who are trying to lose weight. Weight loss can be tricky to manage, and there’s never going to be a magic bullet to take care of it in one shot. But essential oils like citronella can be a supportive weight loss tool to make the process easier. Diffuse or inhale during few times when appetite is difficult to control.


The stimulating effect of the essential oil of citronella may stimulate blood circulation, secretions and discharges like hormones and enzymes from the glands, brain while also increasing activity in the nervous system. This essential oil also stimulates the immune mechanisms and the metabolism of the body.

According to a study, a group of obese rats was administered with Citronella oil, following which it was noted that there was a significant fall in their body weight. The oil caused a decrease in the appetite of the rats, without any marked changes in liver enzyme concentrations.

Neurological Health:

Controls Convulsions:

If you’ve seen someone having a seizure, you know how terrifying it can be. It can even be more so for the one experiencing the seizure. Convulsions or seizures refer to uncontrollable shaking and twitching of the muscles. It occurs due to an “abnormal electrical activity in the brain”.

An attack may last for a few seconds or up to 15 minutes. There are ways to control convulsions such as with Citronella oil. It may have anticonvulsant activities that can reduce the frequency of attacks. This oil has depressant effects on the central nervous system when administered during an attack. A team of scientists from Brazil reports that.

A 2010 study "Comparative anticonvulsant activities of the essential oils (EOs) from Cymbopogon winterianus Jowitt and Cymbopogon citratus (DC) Stapf. in mice" in Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol. by Silva MR, Ximenes RM, da Costa JG, Leal LK, de Lopes AA, Viana GS. was done on the effect of essential oils of Cymbopogon citratus and Cymbopogon winterianus on three models of convulsions on male Swiss mice. The mechanism of anticonvulsant effect of the essential oils was, at least in part, dependent upon the GABA-ergic neurotransmission. Their effects on inflammatory biomarkers may also contribute to their CNS activity.

A dosage of 400 mg/kg reduced the number of seizures in 50 percent of the animal subjects. The reason behind these anticonvulsant effects can be citronellol. It’s a monoterpene that you can find in citronella oil.

Kidney Health:

Detox the Body:

Citronella oil encourages sweating and therefore, works well for eliminating toxin through sweat. As stated before, additionally, it helps prevent toxins from becoming active in the body. This particular property of the oil is known as diaphoretic properties. It eliminates extra oil, salts as well as fats from your body too. So, it offers rest from problems arising because of water retention. Weight loss gets to be more effective once the body is free from toxins along with other undesirable elements within the body. Blood flow enhances. When toxins are taken out of the body, pains because of rheumatism and arthritis may also be largely controlled.

The diaphoretic properties of Citronella essential oil increase sweating and promote the removal of toxins and other unwanted materials like excess water, fat, and salts from the body. This makes the body feel lighter, keeps the skin healthy and also reduces fever. This also protects you from certain infections.

The detoxifying and diuretic properties of Citronella essential oil acts as an excellent aid in eliminating toxic remains left behind due to indigestion, unclean environment and other unhealthy lifestyle practices. These toxic substances are called as ama in Ayurveda and are the major reason behind numerous health conditions like arthritis, rheumatic pain, sluggishness, nervous exhaustion, fatigue, urinary infections and even severe heart problems. Ayurvedic texts state that only 20 to 30% of toxic substances in the body get discharged through urine and sweat and about 70% of harmful toxins are released only through exhalation. So deep breathing with slow inhalation along with slow and steady exhalation can be a sure shot remedy in expelling detrimental toxins in the body and this breathing exercise in known as Pranayama.

Massaging the painful, inflamed or affected parts of the body with 5 drops of Citronella oil blended with 3 ml of Sesame oil can assist in reducing inflammation, discharging of toxic substances, uric acid, excess fat deposits and water stagnation in the body through sweat and urine. You can also add 3 to 4 drops of Citronella oil in hot or cold compress and massage the aching parts for quick relief.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI):

Urinary tract infection is a condition that you should not take lightly.It causes unpleasant symptoms. Besides, it may also progress to a more severe condition and damage the kidneys. Treat this infection right away with the use of natural remedies like citronella oil.Citronella oil cures UTI by preventing bacteria from attaching to the urinary tract.

UTI occurs when a part of the urinary system gets infected. The system usually gets infected with the E. coli bacteria. At first, you may not know that you have UTI. But, in time, it will exhibit signs and symptoms such as fever, pain in the back, pain during urination, and so on. Doctors prescribe antibiotics. But, some bacterial strains have grown resistant to medications. So, it’s better to rely on natural solutions like citronella oil.

According to a study, citronella oil has antibacterial effects against E. coli. What it does is that it prevents the bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract. By doing so, it puts the bacterial growth and spread to a halt. You can, thus, use this oil to prevent and treat infections caused by E. coli such as UTI.

Stimulates Urination:

Citronella essential oil can increase the urination in both quantity and frequency which is very important for our health.

A 2016 report published in the Scientific Research Journal states that it disposes of waste substances and toxins from the body, including uric acid, excess bile, acids, and salts, as well as water and fats. This helps reduce weight, eliminate infections in the urinary system, free the body from toxins, reduce chances of renal calculi, rheumatism, and arthritis, improve digestion, and keep the heart-healthy.

Kidney Stones:

Diuretics also provide the additional benefit of preventing kidney stones. This is because they help flush out the excess calcium in the kidneys. It is this excess calcium that leads to kidney stones occurring.


The diaphoretic qualities of the essential oil improve sweating as well as encourage the removing of toxins along with other unwanted materials just like excessive water, fat and salts through the body. This will make the body feel lighter, keeps the skin healthy and in addition decreases fever. And also this protects you against certain infections.

Benefits for the Renal System:

Citronella essential oil works well for increasing urination, that also plays a role in body detoxification. Waste substances like salts, excessive bile and uric acid are successfully eliminated from the body through urine. It keeps the renal system healthy. Infections of the renal system may also be avoided.

Supports Cardiovascular Health - Heart Health:

High Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure can increase the risk of heart disease, as well as kidney problems. You may also develop aneurysm, and metabolic syndrome.Maintain proper blood pressure levels with citronella. It’s a proven remedy to reduce arterial pressure. Like cholesterol and blood sugar levels, you should also check blood pressure. That’s because hypertension can lead to complications. These can be a heart attack, aneurysm, and metabolic syndrome, according to Mayo Clinic. Proper diet and regular exercise are vital to keep blood pressure levels in check. But it’s also a good idea to make use of natural antihypertensive measures.

The Journal of Ethnopharmacology published a study about Citronella oil. It reports that the oil has antihypertensive properties. This herbal remedy can reduce arterial pressure in the rats involved in the study. When there’s too much pressure on the arteries, that’s when blood pressure levels go up.

A 2012 study in the Journal of Health Research reported that inhalation of Citronella oil resulted in a significant decrease in blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate in 20 healthy volunteers as compared to their pretreatment values.

A 2010 study "Cardiovascular effects induced by Cymbopogon winterianus essential oil in rats: involvement of calcium channels and vagal pathway" published in Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Volume 62 Issue 2 by Igor Alexander Cortes de Menezes, Italo Jose Alves Moreira et al showed the essential oil of Cymbopogon winterianus induced hypotensive and vasorelaxant effects probably mediated through Ca-channel blocking. Higher doses were noted to induce transient bradycardia and arrhythmias from cardiac muscarinic activation secondary to a vagal discharge.

Blood Circulation:

Citronella essential oil has a stimulating effect on various bodily functions. It improves the circulation of blood, and also stimulates the production of secretions and discharges in the body such as hormones and enzymes from the brain, glands and also it can increase the activity in the nervous system. It also increases the activity in the nervous system. Furthermore, it can help with the metabolisms of the body and can also stimulate the immune system.


Citronella Oil for Hypertension Citronella oil has been utilized in Latin folk medicine to deal with hypertension. This prompted a team of researchers from Brazil to check the oil’s cardiovascular effects on rats. Their research demonstrated at lower doses the rats experienced hypotension (opposite of hypertension) and vasorelaxtion. This implies researchers saw relaxations of blood vessels as well as lowering of blood pressure as citronella oil was introduced to the rats. Whilst trials haven’t been examined on humans, the researchers are confident similar results will probably be observed.


Diabetes is a condition in which the blood sugar does not convert into energy. It ends up accumulating and damaging body organs. You can use citronella to lower blood sugar levels, and manage diabetes.It can also help stabilize levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

Researchers have described diabetes as a "silent killer" many times. It’s because you won’t know that you have it until it has progressed to a severe condition. This ailment causes the blood sugar levels to shoot up as the cells in the body can’t convert sugar into energy. When sugar accumulates, it can damage organs including the eyes, heart, and kidneys. It is due to the body’s inability to produce or use a hormone called insulin. There are natural ways to manage this condition. One of these is with the use of Citronella oil.

Its hypoglycemic effects were the subject of investigation in a 2007 study. Researchers have found that citronella can reduce blood sugar levels in rats. These findings support the folkloric use of this herbal plant as a treatment for diabetes. Research has also proved that Citronella can keep cholesterol levels in check. It can particularly control the low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and triglycerides.

Natural Perfume or Room Spray:

Because it has a clean, fresh scent similar to lemon or lemongrass, citronella is a common ingredient in soaps, candles, incense, perfumes and cosmetics. You can naturally deodorize your home, dishwasher, refrigerator and laundry machine by diffusing citronella essential oil or running a cycle of your household appliances with a few drops of included.

Kitchen Cleaner:

Proven to have strong antifungal and antibacterial properties, Citronella oil can be used to help clean your kitchen, bathroom or household surfaces without the need for harsh chemicals.

Cleans the House:

With strong anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, Citronella essential oil can kill many of the germs that cause odors and illness in the kitchen and bathroom. It’s a natural anti-fungal, which can control mold and mildew. And the fresh scent deodorizes the air anywhere you use it.

Traditional Uses of Citronella:

  • In Brazilian folk medicine, used for anxiolytic, analgesic and anticonvulsant properties.
  • Used for hypertension.

Insect Repellent:

Citronella oil repels insects like mosquitoes, black flies, fleas and ticks, as a result, avoiding its bites. It is utilized on humans as well as their clothing – as an oil, liquid and also patch. Citronella oil is really a natural, non-toxic option to chemical insect repellents like DEET, therefore, is often the favored choice. Available too are solid products like citronella oil insect repelling candles and cartridges. Citronella oil is additionally utilized in a tablet or even pellet form in recreational or outdoor household areas and around trees and shrubs. Additionally, there are animal collars and tags that contains citronella oil for pets along with other domestic animals to repel fleas. A mix of the citronella oil as well as cedarwood virginian oil likewise helps to reject mosquitoes.


Citronella oil, an essential oil, offers activating as well as warming qualities both mentally and physically. The aroma is considered to be like its relatives lemongrass as well as palmarosa. However, citronella oil is ignored in aromatherapy due to its connection to insect repellency. When citronella oil is diluted effectively in the base oil and is also used on skin, it creates a mild sensation of warmth – that reduces painful joints and muscles. Mentally, the aroma of citronella oil might help with nervous fatigue because of its clarifying qualities. It may also relieve pressure of migraines as well as headaches. Citronella oil mixes well along with cedarwood, orange, geranium, lemon and bergamot – however, you need to just use essential oils under those specialised in the field. It is best to consult a professional aromatherapist if ever in doubt.


Citronella oil is an astringent and when utilized correctly it may help along with oily skin areas. Make use of a single drop of citronella oil onto the skin (usually inner forearm) to check for irritation. Use 2 or 3 drops of citronella oil into a cotton ball and also gently wipe off the excessive oil. Then complete your normal facial routine.

Food Flavoring:

Citronella oil also used as food flavoring agent, in beverages, baked goods, cereals, candies, dairy products, gelatins and puddings.

Perfume Industry:

The Java citronella oil is among the most favored perfume oils and is also frequently utilized as a starting point for perfume materials, since its constituents citronellal and geraniol are essential and traditionally used perfume building blocks.


Oil also a component of veterinary deterrent product for dogs seeking to mate.


Components like methyl isoeugenol and a few others that are found in this essential oil are responsible for this property. They kill bacteria and inhibit any further bacterial growth in the body. This is particularly helpful in treating infections in wounds, as well as in the colon, urethra, urinary bladder, stomach, intestines, urinary tracts, prostate and kidneys.


This oil fights depression and gives relief from anxiety, sadness, and negative feelings. It induces a fresh, happy feeling and hope.


The antiseptic properties of this essential oil fight infections in wounds, as well as the urinary tracts, urethra, prostate and kidneys, while simultaneously protecting them from being sepsis.


Citronella essential oil sedates inflammation, particularly those situations which pertain to the liver, stomach, intestines and other parts of the digestive system. The inflammations caused as side effects of drugs, excessive use of alcohol or narcotics, hard & spicy food, any disease, or any toxic element getting into the body can also be soothed using this oil.


The crisp, rich citrus or lemon-like aroma of this oil drives away body odor and is used in deodorants and body sprays, although in very small quantities, since in heavy doses it may create skin irritations. It can also be mixed with bath water to have a refreshing, body odor-ending bath.


The diaphoretic properties of this essential oil increase sweating and promote the removal of toxins and other unwanted materials like excess water, fat and salts from the body. This makes the body feel lighter, keeps the skin healthy and also reduces fever. This also protects you from certain infections. Massage your body with citronella essential oil mixed with any carrier oil, click here to experience its diaphoretic properties.


The increase in the frequency and quantity of urination due to this property of citronella essential oil has many benefits. It disposes of waste substances and toxins from the body, including uric acid, excess bile, acids, and salts, as well as water and fats. This helps reduce weight, eliminate infections in the urinary system, free the body from toxins, reduce chances of renal calculi, rheumatism and arthritis, improve digestion, and keep the heart healthy.


Whilst the diaphoretic property of the oil boosts perspiration, it anti-inflammatory property decreases inflammation whilst the anti-microbial property fights infections. The combined effects of these three properties combat fever and reduce body’s temperature.


This particular oil kills fungus as well as prevents fungal growth. This is extremely beneficial in countering fungal infections within the ear, nose and throat region. Contracting fungal infections within the ears is quite common and could be serious. It removed fungal infections in other parts of the body too helping cure fungal dysentery.

Insect Repellant:

Citronella oil is beneficial in repelling insects like mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and black flies and therefore helps prevent its bites. The oil may be used on human as well as their clothing in form of liquid, oil or patch. This will make it an all natural and non-toxic option to chemical insect repellants. Additionally it is obtainable in goods like insect repelling candles and cartridges.


The usage of this particular oil clears the stomach from infections along with other problems helping it function properly.


The stimulating effect of the essential oil of citronella stimulates blood flow, secretions as well as discharges just like hormones and enzymes through the glands, brain whilst increasing activity within the nervous system. This particular essential oil also energizes the immune mechanisms and also the metabolism of the body.


This particular property implies that citronella essential oil comes with an all round toning effect on the body. It tones up digestion, excretion, the nervous system and also the brain, while fortifying the body.


Citronella essential oil eliminates intestinal worms. It ought to be administered in moderate doses to children, since children are most vulnerable to worms. It is effective on both round worms as well as tape worms. Since the existence of worms disrupts the normal physical and mental growth and in addition with the assimilation of nutrients by the body, the usage of this particular oil can significantly boost your quality of life by eliminating those dangerous parasites.

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